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Panthers Pounce on Chapel Hill

Tune in this Saturday for an exciting matchup in Chapel Hell where #15 UNC and coach Tryggr and face off against #24 Pitt led by coach TheLiberator.

Kings of the North

Can Gerald Lewis and da bears upset the Packers in Soldier Field or will Joseph Garibay and the Packers further their lead in the NFC North?

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Need a team?

Firstly... welcome to the SimFBA! If you are new to the site, and need a team, make sure you head over to the new users section and view the available teams list. You will also be able to fill out your job application there! See you on the field, Coach!

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Endless Summer

Congrats to the Lakers for winning the #1 Lottery Pick in this year's upcoming SimNBA Draft!

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READ HERE: Applying for a SimNFL/SimNBA Role

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Hi everyone,


There's been expressed interest of others in terms of applying for a role on a SimNFL team and the opportunity for full control of a team. As a means of adding transparency of the process I'm going to provide some guidelines on the responsibilities of a SimNFL team, and how it's a little different from our collegiate leagues (SimCFB and SimCBB).


Participating In SimNFL and SimNBA

SimNFL and SimNBA are leagues designed to emulate the experience of running a franchise in the real life NFL and NBA. There are a fixed amount of teams in both leagues, a much smaller number in our collegiate leagues. While gameplanning in SimNFL and SimNBA is arguably similar to the collegiate leagues, the leagues offer a level of teambuilding that is less rigid and can be carried out a number of ways. In our collegiate leagues where the only current method to build out right now is recruiting younger talent, the following avenues are available for professional teams:

  • The Draft
  • Free Agency & Waiver Wire
  • Trading with other teams
  • Extending contracts of current players

Where the college leagues have team building restricted within four year windows, the professional leagues can extend beyond that, and allow the capability of arguably changing an entire roster within a night (or realistically a couple of weeks).

This allows for a variety of strategies which can both succeed and fail in very similar scenarios. There's nothing wrong with either, because these are simulations after all.

Because of the wider variety of teambuilding, SimNFL and SimNBA teams offer a number of roles and allow users to work together to build out their franchise and find success on their own terms. Up to four roles can be shared within a single team:

  • Owner: The leader of your team's organization. On the interface, they have full control and permissions on all league related pages
  • Head Coach: The user who's responsibilities fall within strategy and gameplanning. This user will likely be setting the gameplan and depthchart (for SimNFL) for the team.
  • General Manager: The user responsible for building out the roster for the head coach. This user will likely be using Free Agency, the Trade Block, and the Draft Page to build out the roster and get the players the team needs
  • Assistant: This is a scouting role. While permissions are a bit limited in this role, teams bring on assistants to help them with duties that can be akin to scouting out talent (whether it's within the league or in collegiate leagues), offering perspectives, or handling outside responsibilities that the owner, head coach, and general manager cannot abide to for whatever reason.


Teams can build out their staff however they wish. Some teams are solo and tend to have only one user, the owner. Some teams are made up of a couple users who work and collaborate together to make the most of their team. There's no wrong way for either approach, we've had teams succeed on their own (Denver Broncos) and teams consisting of users who collaborated together (Washington Commanders).


How can I sign up?

From the following link, click on the SimNFL / SimNBA tab to view all teams within both leagues, and the roles open in both teams. As of writing this post, here are the currently open teams within the SimNFL and SimNBA leagues:


  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC South)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (AFC West)



  • Cleveland Cavaliers (Eastern Conference)


To apply, click on the "Start Topic" button in the Jobs-Applicaitons-and-Interviews forum and answer the following template:

  1. What is your username?
  2. We use discord often for quick communications and for streaming games to our community. Using discord is optional, though we suggest it because it's a great way to connect with others and to watch games. For those applicable, what is your Discord username?
  3. League you are applying for (SimNFL, SimNBA)
  4. Which team do you want to apply for?  (If NFL or NBA, please specify the role.)
  5. SimNFL and SimNBA are leagues that require a higher level of activity due to the number of features readily available. From the pre-season, regular season, post season, extension period, free agency, and the draft, there is always something going on. If applying for ownership, will you be able to fully commit to running your team, building out your franchise however you wish and remain active to the best of your abilities?
  6. How did you find out or hear about SFA?
  7. Do you know anybody from SFA? List their usernames if applicable.
  8. Tell us a little about yourselves to serve as a short introduction to the community.


What happens if no teams have available ownership?

If you view the above link and neither of these teams are available, please do not be discouraged. There are several open roles on almost every team in both leagues. Some teams may open up in the future, and many teams sometimes shake things up overtime. For members that are newer in our community, I often recommend joining a team first; mainly as a means of getting to know others in the community, and learning through others on the many functions of running a team.

I recommend reaching out to the following owners either here through the forums (PM) or via direct message on Discord, regarding opportunities on their team:


Arizona Cardinals: @kmattfps

Atlanta Falcons: @subsequent

Baltimore Ravens: @SyndaKyt

Buffalo Bills: @Minnow

Carolina Panthers: @Sarge

Chicago Bears: @nemolee.exe

Cincinnati Bengals: @Ezaco

Cleveland Browns: @Piercewise1

Dallas Cowboys: @Rocketcan

Denver Broncos: @alexfall862

Detroit Lions: @Jmjacobs

Green Bay Packers: @JC.

Houston Texans: @BabaYaga

Indianapolis Colts: @npklemm

Jacksonville Jaguars: @Ricky Campbell

Kansas City Chiefs: @JW1952TX

Las Vegas Raiders: @cultur3

Los Angeles Chargers: @Dean

Los Angeles Rams: @Vivid

Miami Dolphins: @Kirby

Minnesota Vikings: @Bundy

New England Patriots: @Migi (This team is currently full)

New Orleans Saints: @Bingo415

New York Jets: @Spoof

New York Giants: @thatfunk

Philadelphia Eagles: @SageBow

Pittsburgh Steelers: @smackemz

San Francisco 49ers: @Dr_Novella

Seattle Seahawks: @TuscanSota

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: @Ape

Tennessee Titans: @kwheele

Washington Commanders: @DarthJarJar



Atlanta Hawks: @Jieret

Boston Celtics: @Kirby

Brooklyn Nets: @Migi

Charlotte Hornets: @thatfunk

Chicago Bulls: @Ezaco

Cleveland Cavaliers: @kmattfps

Dallas Mavericks: @anonemuss

Denver Nuggets: @SandyToez

Detroit Pistons: @Jmjacobs

Golden State Warriors: @Ewade

Houston Rockets: OPEN

Indiana Pacers: @nemolee.exe

Los Angeles Lakers: @Mellman

Memphis Grizzlies: @SageBow

Miami Heat: @kgreene829

Milwaukee Bucks: @Ape

Minnesota Timberwolves: @Minnow

New Orleans Pelicans: @alexfall862

New York Knicks: @Dash Dustrider

Oklahoma City Thunder: @BabaYaga

Orlando Magic: OPEN

Philadelphia 76ers: @Rocketcan

Phoenix Suns: @cultur3

Portland Trailblazers: @Bingo415

Sacramento Kings: @Spoof

San Antonio Spurs: @smackemz

San Diego Clippers: OPEN

Seattle Supersonics: @TuscanSota

Toronto Raptors: @Dr_Novella

Utah Jazz: @kwheele

Vancouver Sea Lions: @subsequent

Washington Wizards: @Coach123

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