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  1. Thanks for all the work on the Interface! It absolutely enhances and simplifies my experience with the sim. The Sim would not be nearly the same without it.
  2. 25? I feel old as hell right now
  3. This awesome, the Free Agency in this format is so good and easy to work with. Thanks for all the hard work!
  4. Name - Darcher...hmm Backup Teams - Kent State...hmm "Hardcore football fan and previous player"...hmm Very clearly this is the real Dri Archer
  5. That's not far, that's about how far I drive each way to work every day.
  6. Colts still looking for a Head Coach
  7. Colts have 2 DTs, one a 83 and the other a 69. One can be had for pick(s). Hit me up on Discord
  8. The opposite, there's a line at the bottom with no name but has 500K for the Salary in Year one and then #N/A in the next two years. I'm sure it's a copy+paste mistake, but just want to confirm there isn't supposed to be data there before I take it away.
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