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SimNFL Teams Prepare for the Preseason

With the SimNFL Draft now in the rear-view mirror, teams are starting to prepare for the Preseason with the regular season starting shortly

Let the Series Begin!

The SimNBA playoffs begin this week with bubble rounds (7v10, 8v9) this Friday and Saturday

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Need a team?

Firstly... welcome to the SimFBA! If you are new to the site, and need a team, make sure you head over to the new users section and view the available teams list. You will also be able to fill out your job application there! See you on the field, Coach!

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Baylor wins 2023 SimCBB National Championship

Congratulations to Coach Vivid and the Baylor Bears for winning the national title!

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NFL Rules and Punishments

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This is in response to teams not updating Depth Charts in a timely manner across both NFL and CFB which impacts the sim running games and causing the dev team to have to manually go in and adjust rosters.

1. All Gameplans AND Depth Charts are due by 11:59 PM EST Wednesdays. No exceptions (unless otherwise articulated by the Dev team, namely @Rocketcan or @TuscanSota.

- Any failures to update Depth Charts to account for injuries, trades, practice squad moves, etc will incur an infraction (covered below).

2. At NO time may a team be over the Salary Cap – this would put them at a competitive advantage over teams that abide by that restriction.

- Any team with negative cap space at the moment games are simmed for the week will incur an infraction (covered below).

3. Roster limit for Active players is 90 during the offseason & preseason, and 55 during the season.

- Any team with more than the allowed number of Active players will incur an infraction (covered below).

4. Any further scheduling deadlines are dictated by the commissioner, or the admin team in his absence.

- Any failures to complete manadatory scheduling will incur an infraction (covered below).

5. This list is not all inclusive and can/will be amended for future scenarios/situations that are deemed fit for addition by the community/simFBA staff.


1. Infractions will be increased pending for repeat offenders and will carry over throughout the duration of a season. At the conclusion of each season, everyone will be presented with a clean slate and start from ground zero once again but will maintain any penalties incurred from previous seasons if any.

2. Penalties will be on a case by case basis upon severity but for transparency a baseline will be as follows:

- Depth Chart/Gameplanning/Salary Cap: In the event I am informed that you failed to correct your Depth Chart as previously described, or your team is over the Salary Cap, the team will incur a cap penalty of $2M and the loss of their lowest draft selection in the next draft year. Every additional infraction throughout the season will increase the severity of the penalty: two infractions will be an additional $2M cap penalty (for a total of $4M) and the lost pick will increase one round (or to the next available pick, at least 1 round higher); three infractions will be an additional $4M cap penalty (for a total of $8M) and the lost pick will increase another round (or to the next available pick, at least 1 round higher). Four and beyond will face the loss of team ownership, at the discretion of the commissioner and the admin team.

- Scheduling: If the commissioner and staff are engaged, then any scheduling infractions will be levied against the teams. Any failures of teams to complete scheduling will incur cap penalties.


TENTATIVE SOLUTION: If a franchise incurs penalties and it is due to inactivity and the owner needs to be dropped from the team and made AI, draft picks may be reinstated until we come up with an alternative solution.

I understand some of the penalties might seem steep, but coaches have a full seven days to tinker with depth charts. If you're unable to do something on Tuesday or Wednesday, there's nothing stopping you from gameplanning for your next opponent on Thursday after games have been ran. The penalties are in place because the lack of attention to detail prevents games being run appropriately and causes errors with the simulation engine.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please post them here.

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13 minutes ago, Minnow said:

Is there a thread for injuries for us to know when a player is healthy again?


Not currently. I've put a request in the Interface Feedback thread to have Injuries visible on the Roster page so it's more clear when a player is injured and when they have recovered. 

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19 hours ago, BabaYaga said:

Just so everyone is 100% clear and no one can poke holes, is the gameplan/DC due at 11:59am or pm on Wednesday’s and can you edit that in? Thanks!

11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time on every Wednesday. Any further questions on specifically when gameplans/DC are due will incur a gameplan penalty for both offense and defense

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