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  1. With the rivalries, the Twins brewers is a weird choice. but I guess understandable as the twins' rivals are within their division
  2. Is there a thread for injuries for us to know when a player is healthy again?
  3. Well that is unfortunate that now I do not have a SF anymore on SDSTs roster.
  4. but I teach history, coach basketball and trying to be Bro we gotta talk history sometime
  5. No I am not joining your NFL team. You can join the Bills though.
  6. "Work on an implementation on the interface where users will be able to view alumni from their program and other programs, along with viewing their stats by year and game." Hot damn this means school records, boys.
  7. How long does it take to compute 5 years of test seasons?
  8. Damn you Sand Diego taking both USD and SDSU
  9. Also calling dibs on Jacks when they are available
  10. Is USD taken as an Abbreviation? I can't stand seeing USD being called SDAK.
  11. Ad Application: Game: NFL Super Bowl Company: Lasik Express Tagline: Don't lose sight, keep it within the uprights Sponsoring all missed field goals Script: "What a blow to the young man, that leaves [insert team] hanging. Don't leave your duties hanging with Lasik Express. Making all Goals on and off the field a reality."
  12. Can a user be fired from their position due to on-the-field performance? No. OH THANK GOD
  13. Just you watch me have the greatest comeback season next year
    1. TuscanSota


      I look forward to seeing the Gophers taking the B1G West by storm :)
  14. Do I get a trophy for going winless?
    1. Minnow


      I'll take a sad party award as a trophy
  15. I will always still see the UNC logo for you
  16. I mean can we omit stupid decisions made by the IRL college football. As a big 10 member this is utterly insane. Hell I have not even accepted Rutgers and Maryland yet.
  17. Ames and Des Moines I never would have considered Ames being close to Des Moines. It's 40 minutes away by car.
  18. When the least populated state has more CTH bonuses than Minnesota.
  19. Minnesota Golden Gophers Minnow#0144
  20. I love it...but where is my Goldy Gopher action
  21. Hi everyone Minnow here with the Golden Gophers ready for the 2021 Season!!!!
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