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Championship Week in Corvallis

After a grueling conference schedule with 10 teams ineligible due to $$$$$, Oregon State and Washington State finally meet to decide the Pac-12 in a round robin schedule.

Just Hand Them the Division Already

The Arizona Cardinals tank campaign leads to Los Angeles in what will be a lop-sided match up with the LA Rams. Will Philip Avila show mercy or shut out the Cardinals?

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Need a team?

Firstly... welcome to the SimFBA! If you are new to the site, and need a team, make sure you head over to the new users section and view the available teams list. You will also be able to fill out your job application there! See you on the field, Coach!

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Lakers Go Big in Draft

Lakers draft Center Mike Park #1 Overall in the 2024 SimNBA Draft

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#15 - Admin Stuff & Bucket Stuff


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Hey everyone,


TuscanSota here with another Dev Diary. I'm going to go over the Team Request & Approval process one more time, and then will provide some interesting analytics on the initial team generation.


Where we last left off in #13, I provided this screenshot showing y'all that you can now request teams from the available teams tab. When the interface deploys, you all will ideally be using this UI to request your respective team here.




Well, now I'm going to show you some of the behind the scene stuff on what the admins will be taking care of. Don't tell RocketCan that I'm showing you any of the admin UIs, because no one is supposed to know how the admin UI looks like.



It's simple, okay?


Ignore the test data for the first row, this is what the Approve Requests UI will look like for Admin users. It's straightforward.



If one highlights over either the approve or reject button for a respective row, the button fills in with the respective color. Ooooh.



And when approving the above request, the team related data on the request will be sent to your profile in the Firestore DB we're using, and the request will be filtered from the existing list of requests.





So does this mean that team requests and approvals are implemented? Yes. Does this mean the interface is ready for you? Almost.

We need to take care of a few quality of life changes & minor fixes, but the main gist of the current rendition for the interface is about ready. We're not sure when we will deploy it, but I would like to say it could be in the near future. We want to make sure the site is robust, secure, and ready for everyone. So please be patient over the next couple of weeks as we work on deploying the interface successfully.


With that said, I came across the first dev diary which detailed the buckets, and thought to organize the data a little bit. Here is every conference with their teams and respective buckets:




Fun facts:

- Each P5 team but the Pac 12 has four Bucket-1 teams.

- The Big 12 is the only team with two Bucket-2 teams

- Oregon State makes history as the most relevant Pac-12 team at this very moment. Oregon State.

- Central Michigan is the best non-Big Ten team besides Illinois. Something more relevant is that Central Michigan and Eastern Michigan were rated better than Michigan

- Of the three admins (Kirby, Subsequent, Rocket), Kirby is the only admin with a Bucket-1 team.

- Texas State is the #2 team in Texas. You read that correctly.

- The Mountain West is the most diverse G5 conference, having four teams within Buckets 1 and 2, but having four teams in Bucket-5.

- With that same metric, the ACC is the most diverse P5 being although they have 7 teams in Buckets 1 and 2, they are the only P5 conference to have three Bucket-5 teams.

- Clemson has been banished to the shadow realm bucket 5.

- Rutgers made it to Bucket 2. Maybe they indeed keep their momentum after their premier matchup against Princeton in 1869.

- The state of Oklahoma is the strongest state in the sim, with all three Oklahoma teams being within the top 10. (#4 Oklahoma State, #7 Oklahoma, #9 Tulsa).

- Of states with more than one team (Sorry Hawaii), Louisiana is perhaps the worst. Disregarding LSU as the outlier at #13, the state of Louisiana is #55, #114, #125, and #126. Utah takes the #2 Worst State place with #108 Utah and #113 Utah State

- Any Bucket 1 team that loses to a Bucket 5 team joins Clemson in the shadow realm bucket 5 list. Looking at you, Vivid. (Good luck in our scrimmage :p )

- Even in this sim, Notre Dame and Alabama top the list at #1 and #2. Nick Saban still exists. (Seriously if Clemson made it to Bucket 5 how did Alabama not get lower?)



Anyways, this is all I have for now. Be on the lookout next for our next dev diary!

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