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Hello everyone! Now that we are entering the home stretch of the season, it's time to present your semi-finalists for the first annual College Football Awards! Now these are just the positional awards here, larger ones like the Maxwell and Heisman trophy are going to be handled separately. For these, each award will have ~8-10 semifinalists which will then be narrowed down to ~3-5 finalists after conference championship games. Voting will be open to select the winner from the finalists, with tiebreakers using my secretly developed "performance" score.
Also, there will be no awards for individual offensive line play because I can't even imagine how to suss that out. Also, these lists are not strictly in best - > worst order (although some are :unsure:)

With that said, let's get unveiling!

Doak Walker (Best RB)
Cooper McGough, Virginia
Ryan Johnson, Texas State
Robert Thomas, UNLV
Brandon Bullock, Texas A&M
Jerry Lawson, Oregon
Shane Johnson, Boston College
Tyrann Durant, Appalachian State
Bruce Dawson, Tulsa
J.C. Lacy, Fresno State
Stacy Moton, Illinois

Davey O'Brien (Best QB)
Yusei Asencio, Ohio
Garrett Gillespie, Illinois
Hung-Chih Anderson, San Diego State
Rashaan Lyons, Kentucky
Jake Mateo, FAU
Cordy Oliver, Virginia
Victor Murphy, Texas A&M
Reyes Chubb, Purdue
Bud Coleman, Tulsa
Eli Bell, Old Dominion

Biletnikoff (Best WR)
Tyson Buss, Old Dominion
Alex Williams III, Wisconsin
Christian Bembry, San Diego State
Trey Wooten, Florida State
Franmil Higgins, Kansas State
Jerald Paulsen, Ohio
Jalen Jenkins, Kentucky
John Fernandez, Illinois
Ray-Ray Thompson, Tennessee
Humberto Mauger, Ohio

Mackey (Best TE)
Devontae McKinney, Purdue
Ramik Phelps, Virginia
Taylor Allen, UCLA
Michael Gonzalez, Stanford
Kahlil Gohara, San Diego State
Briean Smith, California
Luis Van Slyke, Oregon State

Outland (Best Interior Lineman)
Keith Rodriguez, Utah State
Duane DePaula, Cincinnati
Wilton St. Brown, Ohio State
Duncan Terrero, Michigan State
Rashad Jones, UNLV
Chris LaDouceur, Bowling Green
Preston Miller, Pittsburgh
Ereck Monroe, UAB
Uchenna Ozuna, Nevada

Hendricks (Best DE)
Preston Snodgress, Memphis
Joe Carle, Louisville
Jim Wolters, Georgia Southern
Matt Kelemete, Temple
Lorenzo Massie, South Carolina
Niko McCollum, North Texas
Earl Cole, Notre Dame
Greg Smallwood, Wake Forest
DeAndre Carle, Virginia Tech
Kendall Lincoln, Wake Forest
Jabari Hunter, New Mexico State

Butkus (Best LB)
Leon Chavez, Ball State
Nick Hoying, Liberty
Brett Zunino, Nevada
Simeon Rea, Rice
Xavier Boggs, Fresno State
Garrett Tazawa, UTEP
Aviante Dawkins, Clemson
Jerry Perez, Illinois
Jayson Brown, Wisconsin
Sandy Rankin, Bowling Green

Thorpe (Best DB)
Matt Viloria, Texas
Patrick Hikutini, Houston
Jace Taylor, Virginia Tech
Rasul Miller, Wyoming
Edwin Bowen, Clemson
Breyvic Asiata, California
Wilmer Levine, Kentucky
Steven Rua, Georgia State
Tsuyoshi Scarlett, Appalachian State

Groza (Best K)
Ike Tauchman, Florida State
JoJo Cosart, Texas
Evan Coleman, Tulsa
Luis Cunningham, Western Michigan
John Hollis-Jefferson, Appalachian State
Ben Arcia, Georgia State
Stephen Robertson, Rutgers
Johnny McAllister, Kansas State
Robin Reynolds, BYU

Ray Guy (Best P)
Lenard Tellez, Oklahoma State
Darren Foreman, Louisiana
Nate Carroll, Middle Tennessee
Kevin Godchaux, Louisiana Tech
Murphy Huffman, Cincinnati
Ryan LaRoche, Ball State
Darius Romine, Clemson

Joe Moore (Best Offensive Line)
Iowa State
Air Force
Georgia Southern
Congratulations to our semi-finalists!
If anybody wants to count who had the most nominees feel free because I did not do that, oops. Also if there were any glaring omissions, be sure to leave a comment below!
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Did I read that right?? No Matt Howard? Wow!

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