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#72 | SimBBA Interface: Recruiting


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SimBBA Recruiting is a smaller version of the one we use for SimFBA. It’s stripped-down, but also has features that are native to this recruiting system.


What is NOT in SimBBA Recruiting:

  • The Recruiting Efficiency Score system
  • Affinities


For the 2022 Season, the Recruiting Efficiency Score system won’t be implemented. Neither will affinities. Part of this is due to the shorter amount of time we have in getting the season ready; the other part is because we want the SimBBA system to be different from that in SimCFB.


What is IN SimBBA Recruiting:

  • Dynamic Thresholds
  • Signing Status
  • Performance-Based-Bonuses
  • Regional Recruiting
  • Smaller recruiting classes.


Weekly Format

Each week, teams have 50 points available that they are able to allocate to recruits. A team is allowed to allocate 0-20 points per recruit. There will be 14 weeks in recruiting.


Recruiting Class Size and Recruiting Duration

Before we go into the specific features, I want to go over the constraints of what makes SimBBA Recruiting different from SimCFB recruiting. The biggest one is recruiting class size. The maximum size a roster can be is 15 players. From there, the algorithm then calculates how many non-Senior players are on a team’s roster and subtracts it from 15. From there, a maximum value is set placing a Class size at 5.



Team A has 13 players on roster and 10 of those players are not seniors or redshirt seniors. 15-10 = 5. Team A can recruit a max of five players in this cycle.


Team B has 13 players on roster, with 12 of those players not being seniors. 15-12 = 3. Team B has a maximum recruiting class size of 3.


Team C has 11 players on Roster, 8 of which are not seniors. 15 - 8 = 7. Because the max class size is set to 5, Team C can only recruit five players in this cycle.


Recruiting will also take place only in the regular season. Once the post-season has started, recruiting will be over and each class finalized.


Total Number of Recruits in a class

The number of recruits available will be based on the number of non-seniors currently existing in the pool, with a variance of +/- 30 croots. Once recruiting ends for any team that does not have a full class, there will be a cleanup section to cover all remaining unsigned recruits.


Dynamic Thresholds

In SimCFB Recruiting we use an algorithm to calculate when a recruit is likely to sign. It’s designed in a way that depending on the week and how many teams are competing (all teams within 50% of the points of the leader), a recruit can either sign early or on a weighted roll commit to any of the contending schools.


For SimBBA, we wanted to reflect the difference between a recruit depending on its star rating. The dynamic threshold system is a system that takes the threshold algorithm from SimCFB, and applies a varied weight for each recruit. Depending on the star rating of the recruit, that individual recruit will either sign earlier in the season or later.


By making the threshold dynamic upon the recruit, one can expect lower-tiered recruits to sign earlier, while higher tiered recruits (4*s and 5*s) are more susceptible to recruiting battles. With the shorter recruiting cycle, this will likely mean that higher-tiered players are more likely to sign later in the season, rather than earlier.


For 5 star players, a second modifier is used to up the curve a little bit in terms of points. This only applies to five star players.


Below is a list of thresholds based on the star rating:



Minimum ThresholdAverage ThresholdMax Threshold
5 (*****)11710080
4 (****)125117100
3 (***)150125117
2 (**)200150125
1 (*)250200150

The higher the number, the better.


Signing Status

If a recruit doesn’t sign during a recruiting sync during the week, a status will be saved for the recruit stating how far along the recruit is in making their decision. This will give users a visual display of whether a recruit is “Not Ready to Make a Decision”, “Selectively Choosing”, “Ready to Sign”, or more.


Status Displays:

0-25% of threshold: “Not Ready”

25-50%: “Hearing Offers

50-75%: “Narrowing Down Offers”

76%-95%: “Finalizing Decisions”

95-99%: “Ready to Sign”

100%: “Signed”



Performance Based Bonuses

Because RES is not being used, we still want to offer bonus incentives based on previous year performance. Based on performance in a season, Coaches will be able to increase their max number of points allowed on a player. Based on how well a team performs in the season, the highest achieved bonus will be applied. None of these achievements will stack. Taken from the 2021 rules, here is a list of achievements attainable and the amount of bonus points that can be acquired to use per week. Because of the new system, we will not be applying last season's performances to this season.



AchievementMax Bonus Points per Week
National Champion3
Final 42
Elite 81
Wooden Award Winner1
Conference Tourney Champion1
Conference Regular Season Champion1
NIT Champion1


Regional Bonuses

From the 2021 Season,


If a recruit is from the state where your school is, you will receive a 10% bonus on all points spent on that recruit. If the recruit is in the same region where your school is, you will receive a 5% bonus on all points spent on that recruit. The bonuses do not stack. Partial points are always rounded down.


There are 7 regions: Pacific, Southwest, Plains, Midwest, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast. The state of which your school resides will be available on your team’s profile on the Team Board and Recruiting Overview pages (once they’re available). The regions are illustrated in the image below. There are no state or regional bonuses for 5-star recruits or for international recruits.



International Recruits

Recruits from outside the United States will also be available. At this time there are no bonuses that will apply for international recruits.


What happens when you’ve reached your Class Size?

Any scholarships allocated on a player will be revoked. The user won’t be able to save their board, nor will they be able to add players or throw scholarships onto more players.



AI Teams

AI teams will be part of recruiting for this season. They will be putting points on the same players that we will be, and will also have bonuses from the previous season if applicable. There are a few constraints, however.


  • An AI team will not be able to add a five-star player or a 4 star player onto their boards, unless they meet the blue blood quality as outlined below.
  • An AI team can only put 0-15 points onto a recruit.
  • At the start of the season, an algorithm will be run to place recruits onto an AI team’s board. The maximum count for an AI team will be 30 recruits.
  • The logic as it stands right now is that an AI team will have a base 25% chance of adding a croot onto their board.


These constraints allow an emphasis on user teams being able to recruit top-talent without having to worry about losing a recruit to an AI team. It does keep AI teams competitive, and allows them to focus on building an average class; that way, in the near future if a user wants to take up an AI team, the team picked at best will be average and not a poorly rated team.


The main takeaway for AI teams is that each team will be different based on two key values: The AI Behavior and the AI Quality.


AI Behavior is how the AI team will behave in allocating points in recruiting. AI Quality is how a team will behave in adding recruits onto their board.


AI Behaviors

There will be three behaviors that AI teams can have: Aggressive, Normal, and Conservative.


Aggressive: An AI team will focus on putting 10-15 points onto a recruit where applicable.


Normal: An AI team will focus on putting 6-12 points onto a recruit where applicable.


Conservative: An AI team will focus on putting 0-10 points on a recruit where applicable.


AI Qualities

There are six qualities of which an AI team can have: Blue Blood, Offensive, Defensive, Average, Cinderella, and Bottom-Feeder


Blue Blood: An AI team will have a 50% chance of adding a four star player to their board. This is the only quality that allows an AI team to pick a 4-star recruit.


Offensive: An AI team will have a 50% chance of adding a recruit that prioritizes offensive stats.


Defensive: An AI team will have a 50% chance of adding a recruit that prioritizes defensive stats.


Average: An AI Team will not prioritize a recruit by attribute, potential, or star value when adding to a board.


Cinderella: An AI team will have a 50% chance of adding a recruit that has a high potential value regardless of stats.


Bottom-Feeder: An AI team will look at two star and one star players to add to their board.


Below is the list of all teams in the league, along with their set AI Behaviors and Qualities. This also includes user teams. If you see your team on this list, disregard because the AI section does not apply for user teams.




TeamAI BehaviorAI Quality
Air ForceConservativeBottom Feeder
AkronConservativeBottom Feeder
Appalachian StateNormalDefensive
ArizonaAggressiveBlue Blood
Arizona StateNormalAverage
Arkansas StateConservativeBottom Feeder
ArmyConservativeBottom Feeder
Ball StateNormalAverage
Boise StateNormalAverage
Boston CollegeNormalAverage
Bowling GreenNormalAverage
Central MichiganNormalBottom Feeder
CharlotteNormalBottom Feeder
Coastal CarolinaNormalAverage
Colorado StateNormalAverage
DukeAggressiveBlue Blood
East CarolinaNormalAverage
Eastern MichiganNormalDefensive
FIUNormalBottom Feeder
FloridaAggressiveBlue Blood
Florida AtlanticNormalBottom Feeder
Florida StateNormalAverage
Fresno StateConservativeBottom Feeder
Georgia SouthernNormalBottom Feeder
Georgia StateConservativeBottom Feeder
Georgia TechNormalAverage
IndianaNormalBlue Blood
Iowa StateNormalOffensive
KansasAggressiveBlue Blood
Kansas StateNormalDefensive
Kent StateConservativeBottom Feeder
KentuckyAggressiveBlue Blood
LibertyConservativeBottom Feeder
LouisianaNormalBottom Feeder
Louisiana MonroeNormalBottom Feeder
Louisiana TechConservativeBottom Feeder
LouisvilleAggressiveBlue Blood
MemphisAggressiveBlue Blood
Miami (FL)NormalOffensive
Miami (OH)NormalOffensive
Michigan StateAggressiveBlue Blood
Middle TennesseeNormalAverage
Mississippi StateNormalOffensive
NavyConservativeBottom Feeder
NC StateNormalDefensive
New MexicoNormalDefensive
New Mexico StateNormalAverage
North CarolinaAggressiveBlue Blood
North TexasNormalBottom Feeder
Northern IllinoisNormalAverage
Notre DameNormalDefensive
OhioAggressiveBottom Feeder
Ohio StateNormalAverage
Oklahoma StateNormalOffensive
Old DominionConservativeAverage
Ole MissConservativeAverage
Oregon StateNormalOffensive
Penn StateNormalAverage
RiceNormalBottom Feeder
RutgersNormalBottom Feeder
San Diego StateNormalOffensive
San Jose StateNormalDefensive
South AlabamaNormalBottom Feeder
South CarolinaNormalDefensive
South FloridaNormalBottom Feeder
Southern MissConservativeBottom Feeder
StanfordNormalBottom Feeder
SyracuseAggressiveBlue Blood
Texas A&MNormalOffensive
Texas StateNormalBottom Feeder
Texas TechNormalDefensive
TroyNormalBottom Feeder
TulaneNormalBottom Feeder
TulsaNormalBottom Feeder
UCFNormalBottom Feeder
UCLAAggressiveBlue Blood
UConnAggressiveBlue Blood
UTSAConservativeBottom Feeder
Utah StateNormalDefensive
Virginia TechNormalOffensive
Wake ForestConservativeOffensive
Washington StateNormalAverage
West VirginiaNormalOffensive
Western KentuckyNormalBottom Feeder
Western MichiganNormalBottom Feeder
WyomingNormalBottom Feeder
Wichita StateNormalCinderella
San DiegoNormalDefensive
Saint Mary'sAggressiveBlue Blood
Virginia CommonwealthNormalOffensive
St. BonaventureNormalDefensive
UC IrvineNormalCinderella
South Dakota StateNormalCinderella
Florida Gulf CoastNormalCinderella
James MadisonNormalBottom Feeder
George MasonConservativeBottom Feeder
George WashingtonConservativeBottom Feeder
La SalleNormalCinderella
Loyola ChicagoAggressiveCinderella
Rhode IslandNormalAverage
RichmondNormalBottom Feeder
Saint Joseph'sNormalAverage
Saint LouisNormalAverage
St. John'sNormalAverage
Loyola MarymountConservativeBottom Feeder
PacificConservativeBottom Feeder
San FranciscoAggressiveOffensive
Santa ClaraAggressiveCinderella
Seton HallAggressiveDefensive




Total Counts:


  • Blue Blood: 14
  • Offensive: 24
  • Defensive: 24
  • Average: 52
  • Cinderella: 18
  • Bottom-Feeder: 40


  • Aggressive: 26
  • Normal: 120
  • Conservative: 26


Thank you for reading. Recruiting will be in development very soon, and the list of recruits will be available once development is complete.



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The lower the number, the more points it will take to sign a recruit. For a five star, it's going to likely be around 80+ points.


The higher the threshold number, the smaller number of points it will take to sign a recruit. For 2-star and 1-star recruits, it will likely be from 35-25 points at the start.


The same curve will apply; and by the final weeks, the number of points required will decrease dramatically; especially for 5 star and 4 star players.

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Does an AI team receive the 10% point bonus on an in state recruit the same as a human coach does? Also is their a place to look and see which teams are human coached? Think I saw somewhere there were like 37 teams human coached.
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1. An AI team will still receive the 10 point bonus on an in-state recruit, much like a human coach will.

2. At the moment, there isn't a place; however, I will look into getting an Available Teams post here in the forums which will show which teams are available per conference.

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