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Playoffs are upon us!

Tune in this week for the following playoff matchups: Tennessee vs Marshall, USC vs Houston, TCU vs Baylor, and Auburn vs UCLA!

SimNBA Summer League Begins September 25th!

For those participating, please click the "Read More" button.

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Need a team?

Firstly... welcome to the SimFBA! If you are new to the site, and need a team, make sure you head over to the new users section and view the available teams list. You will also be able to fill out your job application there! See you on the field, Coach!

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SimBBA Regular Season to begin on October 2nd

For those interested, please navigate here on applying for a basketball team.

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Recruiting Test

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Hello Coaches!


We have another important update for everyone! As we make more and more progress on the back end of the simulation (Dev Diary #37), and the front end that users will interact with (Dev Diary #38) we are getting very close to our first CFB regular season! As of right now, we are looking towards the end of June for that to occur, and to make that happen we have to implement a few more things.


First on that list is recruiting! Taking cues from @Wahoo with his excellent recruiting system, @subsequent has been hard at work designing a system to make recruiting realistic, engaging, and most importantly, fun. All of that work would be for nothing without @alexfall862 tirelessly building the system we will use for our first season of recruiting (before recruiting can be moved to the interface). I do want to thank everyone I mentioned here for their dedication and effort they are putting into this project so we all can have a fun experience.


I say all of this to preface this statement: We need help. A system this complex under the hood requires a good amount of testing in order to work out the kinks and make it ready for the first season. So, this post is a call for users who want this sim to succeed and be a good experience for everyone to step up and give us a hand!


This will require a small level of daily commitment. We will need testers to:

  1. Put points on recruits every game week for an entire recruiting season (About 20 weeks). Each real-life day will have one or two game weeks. AND
  2. Give feedback on the user interface, your experience specifically, and the recruiting system as a whole.

Since this is a decent amount of work, we are prepared to offer a bit of an incentive. Any tester who is not an admin that participates in each game week of recruiting AND provides the feedback we requested will be allowed to help create a recruit (up to 5 stars) for the first CFB season. This means you get to pick the Name (semi-memey is allowed but don't go overboard!), Position, Archetype, Height and Weight (within reason for their position), Hometown, School, State, and Star Level of a player that will exist in the sim for years to come!


Given the nature of the incentive we are offering, I am limiting this to the first five users that agree to and meet these conditions. Also, the admins individually will not be allowed to generate a player in this manner, but we may still be able to put something together.


Please reply to this thread and include your discord username if you are interested and willing to make the commitment. I will PM each of you individually to confirm and give you some more information.


Happy Crooting!




Current volunteers:

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Crooting is my passion. I'd love to help. My only question is if there's two game weeks in a day, when about would they start and end? I only ask because I can easily do points every night after work, but if there's two during the day and I'm in the field all day it may be tough. But that's a very specific situation.


My discord is Kremit.

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