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The Regular Season is Upon Us

SimNFL Teams prepare and strategize for their final preseason matchup before the regular season starts next week.

Conference Finals Showdown

Seattle & Golden State clash for the west; meanwhile in the east, Atlanta and New York are fighting for the right to play in the SimNBA finals. Who will win?

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Need a team?

Firstly... welcome to the SimFBA! If you are new to the site, and need a team, make sure you head over to the new users section and view the available teams list. You will also be able to fill out your job application there! See you on the field, Coach!

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SimCBB Offseason In Progress

Here is some concept art on American Samoa College's new basketball arena

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#23 - Happy New Years!


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Hey everyone,


I'm a bit late with this, but I had a few things written up on New Year's Eve as a means to reflect on the year with the progress made towards the game. This post wasn't planned, these are just some of my thoughts as someone who's helped with development on both the interface and the simulation.


Since 2019, the idea of SimFBA came to fruition. Many of us here are passionate American Footballl, and love management style games. SimFBA is a game we're developing where users take on the role as the head coach for a sports team and manage almost every aspect of their team. You can set your gameplan each week, build your playbook, assign your players to a depth chart, and build out your team through recruitment (and hopefully transfers).


This is a project that's been in development for a little over a year now, and we reached many milestones that we consider very important to our progress. In 2020, we have:

- Developed the base for pass plays and run plays within a 21 formation (2 WR, 1 RB)

- Developed an algorithm allowing for defenses to pick plays based on the offense's play

- Succeeded in allowing substitutions in-game

- Completed an alpha version of the simulation. We've simulated a few test games, in fact!

- Deployed an alpha interface application allowing players to register, request, and view their roster.

- 5+ Seasons of DFL and MFN


With that said, here are some of the things we're hoping will be delivered in the new year:

- Full-depth chart management through the interface

- Viewing schedules through the Interface

- Viewing & Adjusting gameplans through (you guessed it) the interface

- Penalties implemented into the simulation

- Kicking off the Inaugural Season


The team is very proud of the progress made this year, and we're proud of having a community like y'all here. In 2021, we look forward to continuing development on SimFBA so that we can host and begin our inaugural season.


These are some of the things I wanted to highlight. If the rest of the staff wants to place their thoughts below, they're more than happy to :)



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Awesome progress y’all! Really excited and appreciate all that work! Can’t even imagine the amount of work that went in behind the scenes. Much love!


Also 2 WR would be 12 personnel ;) (RB#)(TE#)

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