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  1. Bruno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Looking for a Coach for the Chargers in NFL. I'm GM/Owner and looking to work with someone who wants to coach. PM me here or Discord.
  3. I'll (prematurely) welcome you to the Mountain West!
  4. Define "consistently". I did post some weekly insights from recruiting last season until a coach told me he used them to sign a recruit away from me. https://www.simfba.com/index.php?threads/inside-the-huddle-week-1-an-inside-look-at-aztec-football.2517/ https://www.simfba.com/index.php?threads/inside-the-huddle-week-3-an-inside-look-at-aztec-football.2539/
  5. Pumph's Aztecs will ritually sacrifice the other MWC schools. (Pumph)
  6. What is your username? Pumph Which team do you want to apply for? (Click here for a list of currently open teams.) San Diego State Aztecs What are 3 backup teams in descending order of preference? Arizona State Colorado State Michigan State How much time can you devote to the community? The more people that are active, the more fun the sim as a whole is with all of the fun interactions that can take place between users, whether it be in the Shoutbox, or through various forms of media. Quite a bit How did you find out or hear about SFA? Discord Do you know anybody from SFA? List their usernames if applicable. Everyone Tell us a little about yourselves to serve as a short introduction to the community. Playing sim leagues for 30+ years. Yeah, I'm old.
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