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Championship Week in Corvallis

After a grueling conference schedule with 10 teams ineligible due to $$$$$, Oregon State and Washington State finally meet to decide the Pac-12 in a round robin schedule.

Just Hand Them the Division Already

The Arizona Cardinals tank campaign leads to Los Angeles in what will be a lop-sided match up with the LA Rams. Will Philip Avila show mercy or shut out the Cardinals?

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Need a team?

Firstly... welcome to the SimFBA! If you are new to the site, and need a team, make sure you head over to the new users section and view the available teams list. You will also be able to fill out your job application there! See you on the field, Coach!

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Lakers Go Big in Draft

Lakers draft Center Mike Park #1 Overall in the 2024 SimNBA Draft

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#123 | SimFBA | Play by Plays


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Hey everyone,


Hope y'all are doing well. Today's dev diary covers the following changes to SimFBA:

  • Adjusted Schedule Page game rows to hold two matchups per row
  • Adjusted box score data handling in game modal, specifically for desktop
  • Added Play by Play results to the interface


This dev diary primarily will cover two things: Play by plays moving forward and the schedule section.


In previous seasons for SimFBA, we hosted play by plays and box score results here on the forums for users to view and see. We've done our best to ensure that users would be able to view all data generated from the engine so they can see the most results, all down to the smallest detail that we can.

This offseason, along with many other changes, we've made an effort to store play by play results in the interface. Moving forward, users will be able to use the schedule page to view individual box score results, view play by play information from their game, and even export the play by play data.

On how we did it: In order to make this a reality, the interface had to the tables necessary for holding the play by play data in a manner that would be able to handle thousands of games moving forward, and still remain lightweight. The play by play record is perhaps our lightest record in the table to date. We are hoping to make some adjustments to the other tables moving forward in order to keep the database lightweight for the foreseeable future.

So, what does this mean to you? Well, we're providing a long-term solution to ensuring that all of the data needed is directly from the interface, and can be exported at your fingertips. Once games are revealed, click on the info button on the game record you want to view and the game modal will appear.




All stats info from the forum threads should be viewable here. To view the play-by-play, click on the play by play nav option in the modal.


The play by play table now provides users with the same data as before, including new information such as: the play ran, the offensive formation used, defensive formation used, point of attack, defensive tendency, number of players blitzing, linebacker coverage, db coverage, and safety coverage. The results section is now generated dynamically based on the new format of the play by play data.



To export, simply click on blue Export button and the play by play results will be generated.


There's something off regarding  the Spring Week 1 game results. What happened?

We're taking care of a couple of bugs which have been fixed since this morning's games were ran. Information like points scored per quarter will be viewable starting next week. Punts also aren't appearing in the play by plays, or being used. We became aware of it, and fixed that too. A number of bugs both engine-side and interface side were fixed this week and should be shown in next week's set of games.


Can we view the box score and play by play in mobile view?



Since play by plays are now stored in the DB, how will games be streamed moving forward?

That will be announced at a later date. I'm still working on that feature but I hope to have it ready sometime within the coming weeks before the season officially starts.



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Love this! Is there a thought about being able to view which plays where used? Like option versus rpo versus run

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5 minutes ago, Vivid said:

Love this! Is there a thought about being able to view which plays where used? Like option versus rpo versus run

It should be there in the play name column

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32 minutes ago, Vivid said:

Love this! Is there a thought about being able to view which plays where used? Like option versus rpo versus run

Stay tuned on that

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