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SimCBB Offseason In Progress

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#118 | SimBBA | Transfer Portal Pt. 2: The Offseason Pipeline & Promises UI


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Hi everyone,


This Dev Diary is going to cover the following topics:

  • The new offseason format for College Basketball & SimNBA
  • The Promises UI Window


The Offseason Pipeline

In previous seasons, I had to manually run tasks during the off season as a means of getting things prepared for next season. As of today, I'm happy to announce that the off-season is now being ran on an automated schedule. This process is in part due to how the transfer portal is being built, but also to help mitigate some of the work so that I can focus on other things.


So for those wondering, "When is the transfer portal?" or "When is progressions being ran?", it's going to be on a schedule.

Following the national championship game results being revealed, the interface will consider the college basketball season to be over. On the next immediate Wednesday in the timeslot where recruiting would take place will be the first phase of the transfer portal: The Intention Phase.

Once the intention phase is ran, coaches will be aware of which players intend to enter the transfer portal and who will be declaring early this will begin phase 2 of the transfer portal. From that Wednesday to the Wednesday after, coaches will be able to submit and offer promises to their players entering the transfer portal with the intention of retaining them on their roster.


The Wednesday after for phase 2, all college players will be progressed.  Once players have progressed and the next draft class is created, the interface will scan through all made promises and conduct a check on whether the player accepts the promise or leaves for the portal. Once these phases are done, the transfer portal will begin.

Phase 3 will consist of approximately 8 Weeks of Transfer Portal recruitment, where coaches will be able to recruit players in the portal to sign onto their team. Coaches will be able to put points onto Transfer Portal Players, and make promises to those players to entice them into joining their team.


To better explain things, here is an infographic on the automatic schedule. Everything on this list is automated other than uploading the schedule and running the draft:



Promises Window UI

On Wednesday, users will be able to see which players intend on entering the portal and which players will be declaring early. This will be viewable from the CBB landing page via the news logs section, and in the News Page.

When a player intends to transfer, go to the Roster page for your team. Players intending to transfer will have a Red Shield on their row. Players with a Green Shield are staying. To make a promise, click on the red shield.



The Promises UI will show the user the player they are viewing, along with their stats from the current season. On the right-hand side, users will be able to select which type of promise they can make, along with the benchmark in terms of dynamic promises like wins and minutes.



To submit a promise, select a promise type from the dropdown. Each type has a specific weight that is assigned to it. Once a type is selected and a benchmark is made (given the type selected), click the submit button. The UI will tell you when the promise was created.


When is this available?

Technically now, though users will be able to see which players intend to leave this Wednesday.


Can I cancel promises?

Cancelling Promises will soon be available on Wednesday.


Can I make a promise to a player that's declaring early?

Unfortunately not this season. This is due to the fact that recruiting class sizes depended on which players were leaving early.



More info will be provided sometime within the next two weeks on the Transfer Portal Page. With that said, I hope y'all are ready for the offseason.



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