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Panthers Pounce on Chapel Hill

Tune in this Saturday for an exciting matchup in Chapel Hell where #15 UNC and coach Tryggr and face off against #24 Pitt led by coach TheLiberator.

Kings of the North

Can Gerald Lewis and da bears upset the Packers in Soldier Field or will Joseph Garibay and the Packers further their lead in the NFC North?

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Need a team?

Firstly... welcome to the SimFBA! If you are new to the site, and need a team, make sure you head over to the new users section and view the available teams list. You will also be able to fill out your job application there! See you on the field, Coach!

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Endless Summer

Congrats to the Lakers for winning the #1 Lottery Pick in this year's upcoming SimNBA Draft!

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2024 SimNFL Draft Guide Print Run

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Hello everyone!

I wanted to put out that we are going to be having a print run for the 2024 SimNFL Draft Guide!

@alexfall862 has been able to get in touch with a printer that can help us make this dream a reality! They have come back with some quotes. As one might expect, some of the estimates aren't cheap (considering there are nearly 300 pages!), but there are some more affordable options.

Here is the catch: because printing stuff like this gets cheaper with scale, we can probably only afford to order one version of the book. We can't have some people ordering one version and others ordering another, as it would just be more expensive for everyone.

So, here is what we will do. I am going to include a link to a survey where we will collect which options you would be willing to pay for. PLEASE ONLY RESPOND WITH WHAT YOU ACTUALLY CAN AFFORD! Once we have a clear winner, we will be able to send out for a more precise quote, which we can then use to have people place orders and we can begin production.

The options:

  1. Color cover with B&W interior: ~$26 per book if we order 25. ~$23 per book if we order 50.
  2. Color cover with color interior: ~$50 per book if we order 25. ~$37 per book if we order 50.

Note: The price will scale between order sizes. So the price for an order for 30 books will be somewhere between the price of 25 books and 50 books.

Also Note: Shipping will likely be somewhere between ~$10 and $15. So the cheapest a book might be is about $33 to get to your door, while the most expensive might be $65 to get to your door.

Survey: https://forms.gle/DcWT4jskT4fr8RVU6

I will keep this survey open for a few days. Once it is closed and we have the true quote for how many books we decide to order, then we will make another post with how to order (somewhere to put your address and a way to collect your payment for the book). We will likely collect shipping separately since that will vary depend on where we are shipping to.

Please reply with any questions you might have.

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