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#101 | SimNFL | Contract Extensions & Compensatory Picks


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Hi everyone,

Hope y'all are doing well. Today's dev diary is goes over the NFL Extensions feature & Compensation picks. This feature allows teams to extend the contract of NFL players on their roster beyond their current contract length.


Here is a brief list on things to expect with extensions:

  • All SimNFL players have been given updated Minimum Values on what the desired value they're seeking from their next hypothetical contract.
  • Extensions are no longer automatically guaranteed to be signed.
  • Bias is now considered in extensions (and will be considered in FA next offseason).

To navigate to the Extension modal, head to the Roster page for your SimNFL team, find a player with only 1 year remaining on their contract, and click the dollar sign button:


The UI

You'll find that the UI for Extension Offers are very similar to the Contract Offer & Waiver Offer features for both SimNFL and SimNBA. The one major addition to the offer page is changing the layout at the very top to accomodate for Free Agency Bias.



Free Agency Bias is the player's bias towards how they pursue their future career in SimNFL. There are 12 different bias values (Including Average) for which a SimNFL player can have. Bias can affect the way a player will review any extension offer presented to them based on the team offering them, the current state of the roster, the value of their previous contract, and 

  • Average (No major changes to a player's value when offered a contract.)
  • Adversarial (Increases the value required to sign by 10% for the current contracted team)
  • Championship Seeking (Lowers the value required by 10% if the current team went to the playoffs last year OR is in the race for the playoffs this year)
  • Drafted Team discount (Lowers the value required by 15% if the current team also drafted the player)
  • "Hates" Tags (There are 32 tags under this category, one for each team. If the team offering is from the player's selected Hate, it will increase the value required by 15%)
  • Highly Unlikely to Sign with the Dolphins (Matt Howard only. Consider this like "Average", but with 0% chance he will sign a contract or extension with the Miami Dolphins)
  • Highest Bidder (Free Agency Only - Minimum value required decreases by 15% if it has the highest contract value of all offers presented to player)
  • Hometown Hero (Minimum value decreases by 15% if the team offering is from the player's home state)
  • I'm the Starter (If the player can be within the first two position levels on the offering team's depth chart, the minimum value required decreases by 15%. Otherwise it increases by 15%)
  • Loyal (Minimum value required decreases by 15% if the team offering already has the player on roster)
  • Market-driven (Minimum value required increases by 15% if the offer proposed is longer than 2 years)
  • Money Motivated (FA Only - Minimum value decreases by 15% if the offer proposed is highest in total value of all offers presented to the player)
  • Wants Extensions (Minimum value required decreases by 15% if the offer proposed is longer than 2 years)

Signing Logic

NFL teams can create an extension offer for a player with 1 year or less remaining on their current contract. 

At the end of each week until the end of the season, the interface will iterate through all players with an extension offer. The above logic will be applied IF the player's FA bias is not "Average". Once the logic is applied, the following will occur:

  • If the offered extension is greater than or equal to 70% of required minimum value * bias modifier, the offer has a 25% chance of being signed.
  • If the offered extension is greater than or equal to 80% of required minimum value * bias modifier, the offer has a 50% chance of being signed.
  • If the offered extension is greater than or equal to 90% of required minimum value * bias modifier, the offer has a 75% chance of being signed.
  • If the offered extension is greater than or equal to 100% of required minimum value * bias modifier, the offer has a 100% chance of being signed.

If an offer is signed, a news log will be created signifying that the offered player has accepted the extension. This can be seen from the NFL Landing page & news page.

If an offer is not accepted, it is declined and the player will send the offer back to the user. A news log will be created to signify that the offer was not accepted. During this time, a team can either leave the offer be or update their offer and re-submit the offer to the player.

A player can reject an extension offer up to three times. Once a player has rejected three times, the player will enter free agency. The contracting team will not be able to create a new extension offer for the player from the interface.


How many extension offers can a team send out?

For than NFL team can send out as many extension offers to as many players that have 1 year remaining on their contract for their current team.


Offer Created

When an offer is created, the $ button will glow green on the extended player's row.



Offer Declined


The dollar button will be yellow if an offer is declined at least once or if a player has declined an offer at least once.


Offer Rejected


The dollar button will be red if an offer is declined at least three times or if a player has declined an offer at least three times.


Compensation Picks

If a team does not sign a player, they will be rewarded a compensatory pick for the next draft. The specific criteria uses overall as a baseline, with snaps and awards being additional weights as far as which compensatory round pick is rewarded.

For starters, here is a guideline as far as what compensatory pick to expect based on the player's overall when entering FA:

3rd: 80+
4th: 76-80
5th: 75-76
6th: 73-75
7th: 65-73

Compensatory picks will only be rewarded if a team loses a player to Free Agency. They will not be rewarded a compensatory pick if they choose to cut the player or trade the player away.


When is this feature available?

It is available now.


When does the Extension Period take place?

Between weeks 15 through the end of the SimNFL Season (Super Bowl).


What's next?

This is the final NFL implementation for this season, outside of the NFL progression algorithm.

Other than that, I will be working on getting CBB and NBA ready for the start of the season. For CBB, I need to finish adding the Poll system to the interface. For NBA, I think the NBA Summer League should be starting up after Free Agency, along with filling out the rest of the ISL teams.


That's all I have for now.


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  • TuscanSota changed the title to #101 | SimNFL | Contract Extensions & Compensatory Picks

For those interested, here's how the requested Value was calculated. "Position" refers to the most granular level, so FS/SS are calculated separately, as are OT/OG/C. Also note that Overall refer to current year, before progressions.

  • Value is equal to the highest-paid player at the same position whose Overall is equal to or lower than the requesting player. So if we rank all players at a position by Overall and the 8th highest player has the biggest contract, everyone above them will want a contract that size. The 9th highest player will want the biggest contract from anyone below them in Overall, and so on. 
    • If a player is top-5 Overall at their position, they want the above +5%. 
  • Aging players get a Value reduction of 10% per year of Experience beyond 10 (starting with the first year of the extension). So a player with a current Experience of 9 has a 10% lower Value expectation than a younger player. That increases to 20% for current year 10, 30% for current year 11, etc.
  • There are a few edge cases where a single player's contract is extraordinary compared to their peers. All contracts where the highest Value is more than 150%  of the second-highest have been removed from the calculations for that position. All instances are listed below. If these players are still edge cases when they come up for extensions, their expectation will be their current contract +5% (before adjusting for age)
    • RB Michael Fulmer (20.4 vs 13.2)
    • WR Mathew Madden (32.6 vs 22.5)
    • TE Sebastian Moore (34.0 vs 14.7)
    • OG Paul Caruso (68.9 vs 24.6)
    • DE David Cunningham (47.6 vs 26.9)
    • OLB Ramon Hubanks (40.1 vs 24.6)
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