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Championship Week in Corvallis

After a grueling conference schedule with 10 teams ineligible due to $$$$$, Oregon State and Washington State finally meet to decide the Pac-12 in a round robin schedule.

Just Hand Them the Division Already

The Arizona Cardinals tank campaign leads to Los Angeles in what will be a lop-sided match up with the LA Rams. Will Philip Avila show mercy or shut out the Cardinals?

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Need a team?

Firstly... welcome to the SimFBA! If you are new to the site, and need a team, make sure you head over to the new users section and view the available teams list. You will also be able to fill out your job application there! See you on the field, Coach!

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Lakers Go Big in Draft

Lakers draft Center Mike Park #1 Overall in the 2024 SimNBA Draft

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#80 | SimCFB | 2023 Recruiting Changes + Beta Test Season


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Hi everyone,


Today's dev diary I'm going over a number of changes that are being worked on this off-season. As of writing this I want to state the following:

  • The following changes are going to be tested in this off-season's beta test phase.
  • This will not reflect the actual recruiting season. The test season is primarily for my observation to ensure the changes being made reflect what I'm looking for.
  • All changes are subject to being modified before the season starts.

With that said, let's go ahead into some of the Recruiting Adjustments are being done this offseason.


Team Profile Changes

- The weekly points per team is increasing from 50 to 100.

- The max number of points that can be spent on a recruit in one week remains the same. The range is 0-20.


Recruiting Efficiency Score

RES will be placed on hold for two seasons and then will be reinstated. Everyone's RES will be set to 1 for the next two seasons.


Scholarship Changes

When a user puts points on a recruit that was offered a scholarship and when the sync executes, a count will start keep track based on how many weeks a user put at least a point onto a recruit. This count is being used to calculate a new bonus I'm calling the streak bonus.


With every consecutive week that a player puts points onto that recruit, a bonus of (0.1 * number of weeks) will be applied as a bonus and will stack on top of the affinity bonus.


The streak bonus will have a cap at about five weeks. Placing points onto a recruit after the five week mark won't reset the streak bonus, it just won't go up. The only instance where the streak resets is if the user does not put points on them by the time there is a sync.


For an example on how the bonuses will stack on top of the points applied, use this link.


In the example illustrated, a user puts 10 points onto a recruit where they 1) Put points on them the previous week, and 2) have an existing affinity bonus. With the affinity bonus and streak bonus, the 10 points accumulates to about 12.1 due to the two bonuses.


Recruiting Class Size

Recruiting Class Size will be determined for each team based on the following variables:

  • The number of seniors and redshirt seniors on the user's team
  • The number of redshirt juniors with a very high overall (AKA, will likely declare early next season)
  • If the roster size is greater than 105 players, the recruiting class size will shrink based on the difference between the roster size and 105.
  • If the roster size is smaller than 85 players and the recruiting class size at that moment is less than 25, the recruiting class size will increase based on the difference between 85 and the user's roster size.
  • If the recruiting class for an FBS team is higher than 25 after the above logic, it will be set to 25.
  • If the recruiting class for an FCS team is higher than 20 after the above logic, it will be set to 20.

Affinity Implementation Changes

- Only players that are 3 stars and higher can qualify for the frontrunner affinity.

- Players with a higher than average football IQ will qualify for the academics affinity.

- Teams that made the playoff last season will be given the frontrunner affinity. Teams that previously had the frontrunner affinity and did not make the playoffs will lose the affinity.


FCS Affinities

- All FCS teams have had their affinities adjusted and applied appropriately.



AI Recruiting

AI teams will be recruiting based on their team needs and will fill their boards based on a couple of variables:

  • Their AI Behavior
  • If the team is an FBS team
  • Whether they've made the playoffs in the previous two seasons
  • Their current affinities


General Rules:

  • AI schools cannot add a 5 star player to their board unless any of the below logic applies
  • A team will have a 5% base chance of adding a player to their board. If a team is recruiting a player that is in-state, the base becomes 25%. If the team is recruiting a player that is Close to Home, the base chance becomes 15%.
  • Due to the weekly point increase, each AI team will be able to allocate the same number of points within the specified range: 5-15 points.
  • FCS Teams can only recruit 3 star players and below.
  • An AI team will have a 33% boost to adding a recruit to their board for every affinity they match with that recruit. This includes Close to Home affinity.

AI Behavior:

  • Blue Blood: The AI team will be able to add 5 star players to their board and will receive an additional 5% boost towards adding Frontrunner recruits to their board. Their point range for applying points onto players is between 8-15.
  • Ivy League: Ivy League schools can only recruit recruits with an academic affinity regardless of their star rating.
  • G5: An AI team that is part of a G5 conference has a -10% chance of adding a 4 star recruit to their board.
  • Playoff Buster: An AI that is part of a G5 conference but has participated in the playoffs within the last two years. They have no penalty towards adding 4 stars to their board and have a 5% boost towards adding frontrunner recruits. Will be able to place 8-15 points on a recruit.
  • Doormat: This AI team has a -20% chance towards adding a recruit that is 3 stars and above. 10% boost towards adding 1- & 2-star recruits. Can only place 5-10 points onto a recruit.


AI Behaviors by Team

TeamRecruit Class SizeIs FBS? 1=Yes, 0=NoAI Behavior
Air Force241G5
Alabama241Blue Blood
Appalachian State241G5
Arizona State241Normal
Arkansas State241Doormat
Ball State231G5
Boise State251G5
Boston College241Normal
Bowling Green231Playoff Buster
Central Michigan241Playoff Buster
Coastal Carolina241G5
Colorado State161G5
East Carolina241G5
Eastern Michigan241G5
Florida241Blue Blood
Florida Atlantic241G5
Florida State241Blue Blood
Fresno State241G5
Georgia191Blue Blood
Georgia Southern241G5
Georgia State241G5
Georgia Tech201Normal
Iowa State241Normal
Kansas State191Normal
Kent State241Doormat
Louisiana Monroe241G5
Louisiana Tech241G5
LSU211Blue Blood
Miami (FL)211Blue Blood
Miami (OH)241G5
Michigan171Blue Blood
Michigan State241Normal
Middle Tennessee241G5
Mississippi State241Normal
NC State241Normal
Nebraska181Blue Blood
New Mexico201G5
New Mexico State241Doormat
North Carolina211Normal
North Texas201Playoff Buster
Northern Illinois241G5
Notre Dame241Blue Blood
Ohio191Playoff Buster
Ohio State241Blue Blood
Oklahoma241Blue Blood
Oklahoma State211Normal
Old Dominion171G5
Ole Miss231Normal
Oregon State241Normal
Penn State251Normal
San Diego State211G5
San Jose State241G5
South Alabama241G5
South Carolina241Normal
South Florida241G5
Southern Miss241Doormat
Tennessee241Blue Blood
Texas231Blue Blood
Texas A&M171Normal
Texas State191Playoff Buster
Texas Tech231Normal
Tulsa201Blue Blood
USC251Blue Blood
Utah State231G5
Virginia Tech251Normal
Wake Forest241Normal
Washington State151Normal
West Virginia181Normal
Western Kentucky241Playoff Buster
Western Michigan191Playoff Buster
James Madison201G5
Jacksonville State211G5
Sam Houston State241G5
Kennesaw State241G5
Youngstown State200Doormat
Indiana State200Doormat
Illinois State200Doormat
Missouri State200Doormat
Murray State200Doormat
Northern Iowa200Doormat
Southern Illinois200Doormat
North Dakota200Doormat
North Dakota State200Doormat
South Dakota State200Doormat
South Dakota200Doormat
Western Illinois200Doormat
Holy Cross200Doormat
UC Davis200Doormat
Cal Poly200Doormat
Eastern Washington200Doormat
Idaho State200Doormat
Montana State200Doormat
Northern Arizona200Doormat
Northern Colorado200Doormat
Portland State200Doormat
Sacramento State200Doormat
Weber State200Doormat
Brown200Ivy League
Columbia200Ivy League
Cornell200Ivy League
Dartmouth200Ivy League
Pennsylvania200Ivy League
Harvard200Ivy League
Princeton200Ivy League
Yale200Ivy League
The Citadel200Doormat
East Tennessee State200Doormat
Western Carolina200Doormat
Prairie View A&M200Doormat
Alcorn State200Doormat
Alabama A&M200Doormat
Arkansas-Pine Bluff200Doormat
Florida A&M200Doormat
Alabama State200Doormat
Texas Southern200Doormat
Mississippi Valley State200Doormat
Jackson State200Doormat


Additional Notes:

The AI Behavior assignments only apply to the team if the team is not controlled by an existing user. If you see the AI Behaviors of your team and do not like the assignments, please know the behaviors do not apply to you. You will be able to recruit however you want to.


And again, as stated above, what's written above will be subject to changed based on how the test season goes. Which leads to...


This year's offseason test cycle.

The test cycle begins next week, and all users are open to joining. A sign-up thread will be posted shortly. During the test cycle, syncs will occur every 24 hours hours, finishing in approximately 20 days. The purpose of this test cycle is to simulate an entire season and to see how the AI teams behave. Because I will mainly be observing AI behavior, I will not pause a sync for anyone in the event that they miss a deadline. If you want to participate and practice recruiting, this is your opportunity to do so. Please make sure to stay active during then.





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