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Panthers Pounce on Chapel Hill

Tune in this Saturday for an exciting matchup in Chapel Hell where #15 UNC and coach Tryggr and face off against #24 Pitt led by coach TheLiberator.

Kings of the North

Can Gerald Lewis and da bears upset the Packers in Soldier Field or will Joseph Garibay and the Packers further their lead in the NFC North?

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Need a team?

Firstly... welcome to the SimFBA! If you are new to the site, and need a team, make sure you head over to the new users section and view the available teams list. You will also be able to fill out your job application there! See you on the field, Coach!

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Endless Summer

Congrats to the Lakers for winning the #1 Lottery Pick in this year's upcoming SimNBA Draft!

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#74 | SimBBA Interface: Recruiting (Part 2)


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Hey everyone,


Providing some new updates for the interface later today. Here is what to expect:

- Recruiting Overview Page Available

- Recruiting Team Board Available

- Fixed bug where CBB team logos weren't properly appearing

- AI implementation

- Create-A-Croot for off-season


Overview Page

This is the overview page for Recruiting as of right now. Users will be able to filter by position, states, countries, potential grade, and stars. Team Rankings and Export feature will also be available as per the CFB counterpart.



CBB Team Board

For the team board, expect similar features. Users will be able to add points to croots here and get a status on where they are on the recruiting trail for a recruit.



AI Teams Testing - Post-Mortem

There are two algorithms specifically set for AI teams -- one for filling the team's board, and for allocating points. After a few rounds of testing, I can say confidently that I like where everything is for the AI teams in terms of odds for teams placing a recruit on their board, and the point-distribution for a recruit. AI teams are designed to be competitive, but also to move their points elsewhere if it's determined they will not be able to keep up in a recruiting battle.


From the signings between 2-star, 3-star, and 4-star players, there will be a good distribution of recruit signings between user teams and AI teams. It will be competitive.


Because the recruiting class size for a CBB team is designed to be between 3-5 players (compared to CFB's class size of 25), the maximum points allowed is going to stay at 20 for CBB moving forward. I'm expecting a number of teams to finish recruiting after 5-6 weeks (majority being AI teams), so I'm not too worried on the scenario of teams getting left in the dust, because there are a good number of croots in this class, especially 4 stars.


Here is an outlook of the recruiting ranks from the test cycle:



When to expect this to be ready?

Later today. Recruiting will not begin until the rest of the Sim is ready, but I want everyone to be able to begin putting up their boards now.


What's left?

Custom Croot creation is expected to be finished today as well and deployed along with the rest of the above features. Teams that have written CBB media prior to the start of the season will be able to create a custom croot.


Export feature will also be added either today or tomorrow.


From there, I will be focusing on making adjustments to the CBB engine so that we can take the gameplan & roster data and integrate it into the engine. I will also work on getting stat collection going so that work can be done for the CBB stats page.

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