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#69 (Nice) | SimFBA Interface Update: Schedule Page


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Hey everyone,


I'm pushing out one final update to the interface for this week. Here's a short list of changes:

- Added a new schedule button to the landing page

- Added the schedule page for view

- Users can now view schedules by team and by week. Initial values for team is the user's team; followed by the current week.




This request has been in here for awhile but now users are able to view their schedule along with current games of the week. Results for current week match ups will only appear after the end of the current week, once the week-sync has been ran.


With the schedule page now added, focus on interface development will be the following:


- Adding conference championship games, bowl games, and playoff games.

- Post Season functions (progression, walk-ons, NFL graduates)

- Fixing data structures where needed.

- Doing prep for season 3 including the next croot class.


Hope y'all enjoy this update.



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