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Ozark Mountain Matchup

Brandon Savage & the #2 Vols head to Fayetteville to face off against the #13 Arkansas Razorbacks. Can redshirt senior QB Chris Diaz overcome the odds and upset Tennessee at home? Tune in this Saturday for this top 25 SEC conference game matchup!

Blue Devil Blues

Bam Bozeman and the Duke Blue Devils are prepping for a tough matchup as the #5 Florida State Seminoles march into Durham. Can QB Kelly Jarwin and RB John Johnson continue Florida State's hot streak or will the Duke's defense led by Tommy Nieves shut down their passing attack?

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Need a team?

Firstly... welcome to the SimFBA! If you are new to the site, and need a team, make sure you head over to the new users section and view the available teams list. You will also be able to fill out your job application there! See you on the field, Coach!

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SimCBB Offseason In Progress

Heads up - the portal's closing soon!

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NFL Pools Announcement

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Merry Christmas Coaches!


As an early Christmas gift from all of us on the dev team, here are the NFL pools! These are the players you will choose from to seed your roster!


Things To Know:

  • There are two ways that players are broken down. Age Group and Skill Level.
    • Age Groups:
      • Young (24-26 years old, or ~1-3 years of NFL experience)
      • Prime (27-29 years old, or ~4-6 years of NFL experience)
      • Veteran (30+ years old, or 7+ years of NFL experience)

      [*]Skill Levels:

      • Pro Bowler: Some of best players generated at their position for their age group
      • Starter: These players, while not the best, should be able to carry the load assigned to them without liability.
      • Below Average: These players are barely better than rookies (and some rookies will be better than them easily!).

    [*]These classes were generated and then progressed into the NFL.

    [*]You will only be able to choose some of these players. The rules for this process will be stated below.

    [*]Contracts will be generated randomly for these players after pools are complete.

(Thank you to @Sarge for coming up with the rules)


In an effort to expedite things we have decided on creating rules for roster building from the pool in lieu of creating a complicated point budget for one use so that Owners and SimNFL participants have something to work on during the offseason and engine patching.


The rules:

  • All teams will be presented with their own 165 player pool. 165 was chosen predominantly because we need to control the size of the initial FA pool and it's triple the size of a traditional roster.
  • All teams will only be able to sign a maximum of 3 "Pro Bowl" level players, *6 "Starter" level players, and fill out the remaining roster spots with "Below Average".
  • The three Pro Bowl level players ages will determine how many additional Starter players you can sign to your initial 6.
    • (*) For every Veteran Pro Bowl level player you sign, you may sign an additional Starter player (no more than 3). i.e. if you sign 3 Veteran Pro Bowlers initially, you can have 9 Starter level players total.

    [*]Salaries will be randomly generated based on Overall and Age and will be done in a way to leave all 32 Teams enough cap flexibility to participate in FA but to varying degrees.

    [*]No Pro Bowl caliber players unsigned will be carried into the FA pool. A percentage of Starter players to be determined later will headline the FA pool and all unsigned Below Average players.

    [*]Pool submissions will be due on 10 JAN 2022 at 11:59pm Eastern US Time and will require all 55 initial roster spots to be filled before FA begins.


Now that you have read the rules (?), here is the link to the full list of players in the pool: 2022 NFL Initial Pool


Here is where teams will post their Pool selections: https://www.simfba.com/index.php?forums/pool-selections.401/


Please use the following format in the Poll Selection posts for a player:


[Age Group] Skill Level Position First Name Last Name (ID Number)


I have provided a sample post in the Pool Selection forum to show you what it should look like with real players.


I will be sending out the pools to their respective team owners. These are intended to be private, but obviously, you may do with them as you please.

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