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SimNFL Teams Prepare for the Preseason

With the SimNFL Draft now in the rear-view mirror, teams are starting to prepare for the Preseason with the regular season starting shortly

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The SimNBA playoffs begin this week with bubble rounds (7v10, 8v9) this Friday and Saturday

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Baylor wins 2023 SimCBB National Championship

Congratulations to Coach Vivid and the Baylor Bears for winning the national title!

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#36 Initial Schemes and Gameplans


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Hello Coaches!


Welcome to another Dev Diary for NewSim on SimFBA!


This Dev Diary continues to explain the transition to the new game engine. Last time, we talked about wrapping up special teams and individual plays. This time, we are talking about what kind of schemes you can choose for your teams and how you can call your plays! This will probably be a long Dev Diary as there is a ton of information for you coaches.


So for now, there are just offensive and defensive schemes. Here is a link to the current run down of schemes: Initial Schemes


It is probably a good idea to glance over that document before reading on, but here is a basic summary of the schemes:

  • Offense
    • Pro
    • Air Raid
    • Spread Option
    • Double Wing Option


    • 4-3
    • 3-4


Each scheme determines the 3 formations that your offense will run (likely to expand later), how often you may run/pass the ball, who can be a ball carrier, and how often you may target a particular receiver along with other miscellaneous restrictions (like whether or not the QB can be designated a ballcarrier).


Once you have chosen your scheme, then you will choose the percentage of time you wish to have certain formations on the field. The formations are to allow you to tailor how often certain players see the field. So, if you run a Pro Style offense and you want to see your FB on the field more often, you would choose to run the "I Formation" more than you might otherwise.


Then, you set actual playcall metrics. Those are:

  • Run To Pass Ratio
  • % Type of Run
    • Inside
    • Outside
    • Power

    [*]% Type of Pass

    • Quick
    • Short
    • Long

    [*]% Target Receivers

    • WR1
    • WR2
    • WR3
    • WR4
    • WR5
    • TE1
    • TE2
    • HB1
    • FB1
    • etc.

Of course, as new plays and such are added, these options will expand.



On defense, there are only two types of schemes for now: 4-3 and 3-4. This is just for alignment purposes. Each Scheme has three formations (Base, Nickel, and Dime). Just like on offense, you get to choose the percentage amount you want each formation to be on the field.


Beyond that, there is only one other option for defenses right now, and that is which play to run. There are only 4 currently:

  • Cover 1 Man
    • Run Defense
    • Linebackers: Man (SS1 is considered LB)
    • Corners: Man
    • Safeties: Zone

    [*]Cover 2 Man

    • Pass Defense
    • Linebackers: Man
    • Corners: Man
    • Safeties: Zone

    [*]Cover 2 Zone

    • Pass Defense
    • Linebackers: Zone
    • Corners: Zone
    • Safeties: Zone

    [*]Cover 3 Zone

    • Run Defense
    • Linebackers: Zone (SS1 is considered LB)
    • Corners: Zone
    • Safeties: Zone

Run Defenses provide a bonus vs the run and a malus vs the pass, and vice versa for pass defenses.


The one glaring omission so far is of course blitzes. That will likely be added for the beginning of a regular season, but that is still up in the air.


I hope you enjoyed this dev diary. I want to really get your feedback to this one. I probably won't be able to change too much of the structure, but smaller tweaks are definitely possible. Please let me know what you guys think and if you have any questions!!


Until next time,



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So would the gameplan look like this:



Formation 1: (Ratio)

Formation 1: (Ratio)

Formation 1: (Ratio)


Run to Pass Ratio:

Type of Run:

Type of Pass:

Targeting Metrics:


Will the user be selecting plays, or will it only be these?

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Probably something like this:



Formation 1: (Ratio)

Formation 2: (Ratio)

Formation 3: (Ratio)


Run to Pass Ratio:

Runner Ratios:

- QB: %

- BK1: %

- BK2: %

- BK3: %

Type of Run:

- Inside: %

- Outside: %

- Power: %

Type of Pass:

- Quick: %

- Short: %

- Long: %

Targeting Metrics:

- WR1: %

- WR2: %

- TE1: %

- etc.

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