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#35 Field Goals and Extra Points


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Hello Coaches!


Welcome to another Dev Diary for NewSim on SimFBA!


This Dev Diary continues to explain the transition to the new game engine. Last time, we talked about punts and punt returns. This time, we are talking about Field Goals and Extra Points.


So there are 3 or so important groups of players for field goal type plays right now. Some groups aren't as fleshed out as others. They are:

  • Kicker
  • Blockers (Not yet implemented)
  • Rushers

For now, there won't be a holder or long snapper.



Field Goal ranges are broken up into several distance ranges. They are:

  • < 25 yards
  • 25-34 yards
  • 35-44 yards
  • 45-49 yards
  • 50-54 yards
  • 55-59 yards
  • 60+ yards

As such, each kicker has a base chance the the kick is made based on the distance and their kick power. Higher kick power ratings will have better chances of making longer field goals, but they will still be more likely to make shorter ones. Kick Accuracy is a modifier here and can either hurt or help the kicker. At low accuracies, the modifiers will be negative for all be the shortest of distances. At mid-range accuracies, the kicker will benefit on short range kicks, but still be hurt slightly on longer range ones. At the high-end, kickers will receive bonuses across the board, but will still receive more bonuses at shorter ranges.


For Extra Points, there is only one skill that matters: Kick Accuracy. The higher the kick accuracy, the better chance of making the extra point. For right now, the worst kick accuracies still have an 87.5% chance to make an extra point, as even most of us could make them given that they are only 20 yards. But that is still at 12.5% failure rate which could easily swing a close game. The most accurate kickers, however, will have a success rate of about 99%.



For now, these players are just kind of "on the field". Their attributes don't really affect anything for now. In the future, they will be pitted against the blockers/coverage players to determine modifiers for a potential blocked field goal. So the only thing these players can do is be randomly attributed with a blocked field goal if it occurs, and then potentially recovering it.


Here's the part I bet you're waiting for: examples!


Field Goals:








College Extra Points:






The rates of extra point misses are not 50/50. I am just showing that they can happen.


I hope you enjoyed this Dev Diary. This was the last of the play types that needed to be done in order to run a game! That means the next dev diary should be about how these things all get put together into an actual game! I will keep you posted as development continues!


Until next time,



  • Football 2
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