Toledo introduces DeanCraigPelton as Inaugural Head Coach.


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Toledo introduces DeanCraigPelton as Inaugural Head Coach

Pelton pictured here after cracking a joke in his introductory press conference for Toledo on Tuesday.
The long search for the first head coach of the Toledo Rockets football team is now over as today it was announced that DeanCraigPelton would take charge of the program. Pelton was born in Toledo, OH and has bounced around the country throughout his life but was compelled to go back when given the offer. "To be back at home with my family in Toledo? It was just too good of an offer to pass up.", Pelton explained. As to what kind of play we could see from the Rockets under Pelton the new coach had this to say, "I think one of the most important things we will be looking for in players is athleticism. Getting guys on the field with the speed and the strength to compete against the bigger schools and with the schools in the MAC is our top priority." Pelton also had this to say about his coaching style, "I don't like going into a new team and saying this is my playbook learn this it's the only thing we are going to run. I like coming in and starting with a basic skeleton playbook and evaluating my players first and then building and growing my playbook with what I see in practices and scrimmages." We will see how well his strategy works this year.