AFC Whoa S01E05 - A full slate of matches


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Welcome back @AFCWhoa ! Let's get started introducing the five new players since I forgot to do that last episode:

First off, we have Lyan Wyler. He's a fantastic Swiss left back.

Next up, we have a fantastic midfielder in Ban Ki-Moon.

A defensive midfielder like Birkir Olaffson may be just what we need.

Here to build the defensive wall, we have Donaldinho John Trumpão.

Finally, another really great defender, Hiroki Nakamura.

This episode, we will be hosting Liverpool in the EFL Cup 2nd round and then visiting Southampton away in the Premier League. After that, we'll run through October when we host Man City, visit Everton, and finish the month hosting Bournemouth. Let's get started.

We're going to line up in a more defensive formation in this one as we are clear underdogs.

30 minutes in, Durante and Penas pass it around in our own third. Penas then makes a REALLY bad pass that goes straight to Origi who calmly slots it pass David Ross to make it 1-0 Liverpool.

Currently, we are being outshot 6-1...

41' - Kolarov has a free kick for Liverpool in a very dangerous area. He puts it into the top right, but safe hands from Ross preserves the scoreline. We go to the half down one.

I just realized that Liverpool are starting Kelleher, their U23 keeper in goal.

Messiah gets the ball wide... He nutmegs Gallacher, a U23 defender, AND PASSES TO ROSARIO WHO IS WAITING AT THE NEAR POST. ROSARIO PUTS THE BALL IN TO PULL EVEN AT 59'!

At 69', Liverpool have a corner. Origi gets a ton of space, but his header is off the crossbar!

It's the 83rd minute and Liverpool have a free kick from just to the right of the box. They send the ball to the top of the box, and for a brief moment, there's pandemonium as the ball ricochets off a bunch of players... and finally Minamino slots the ball away and Liverpool take the lead again.

AFC Whoa suffer their first ever defeat, 2-1, and are out of the EFL cup.

We now visit Southampton, angry after our last defeat.

6 minutes in, Ward-Prowse rattles off a ridiculous volley and forces David Ross to rise up to make a save.

Olafsson completes a beautiful pass over the tops of everyone right into the path of Rosario, who hits it off the bounce, but it's saved by the keeper.

At the 21st minute, the balls falls in Danny Ings's lap who fires into the bottom right corner. Ross goes full extension and manages to get a finger on the ball which pings off the post and out for a corner.

Ings gets it one on one at the half hour mark, but Ross is again there to make the save!

The WhoaDogs have been probing, but have not really been able to get off a clean shot yet.

AFC Whoa wins a free kick at the top of the box... Adrastos takes a step back and delivers a beautiful cross in. RIGHT INTO THE WAITING HEAD OF OLAFSSON WHO SCORES HIS FIRST EVER AFC WHOA GOAL! 1-0 38'!!!

Ings is getting acres of space to run in. We may need to close him down hard.

Beautiful passing play between Ban Ki-Moon and O'Keeffe, but the Sotom keeper is able to parry the save.

One-two passing between Ings and Redmond sees Ings one on one right in front of Ross and Ings scores... But it's called back by VAR for offside!

Sotom is now getting shot after shot at Ross... Can The WhoaDogs hold on?

A beautiful pass sails over everyone's head and Ings gets a shot on Ross, but the keeper stands large and makes the save! That looked to be a certain goal.

After an eternity, the final whistle finally is blown and AFC Whoa remain unbeaten in the league!

And now for some irony...

Some stats two months in.

We now face league leaders, Manchester City at home...

Olofsson comes 2nd in Young POTM award.

And Whoa Nelly takes 3rd for Manager of the Month.

Management is happy with Nelly.

Durante pulled a calf. We're gonna let the physio take care of that...

And now O'Keeffe pulls a hammy...

Luckily, we do have Bonk back for this matchup.

I'm scared so we're going to start out with the 3DC formation.

Barely 10 minutes in, Mahrez runs the length of the pitch, gives it to Aguero who rifles it into the back of the net... 0-1

And that's how we enter the half.

City is passing all around us like we are training cones.

We win a free kick near the midfield line at 63'. Ban Ki-Moon takes this one, gets a really nice cross in, but Marks puts it just over the bar. So close!

In one of our best chances today so far, Messiah picks up a ball that has bounced around and Ederson manages to get a finger tip on the ball and it hits the post...

Another great chance! Trumpao drops it for Messiah who forces Ederson to make an uncomfortable save. Are The WhoaDogs heating up!?

Ban Ki-Moon tackles Foden who is now out with an injury just 7 minutes after coming onto the pitch. Ban gets a yellow for his troubles.

Can AFC Whoa capitalize with 6 minutes left?

Nope. AFC Whoa take their first loss in the league and it was not pretty.

Bonk scores his first international goal for Finland!

What the fuck did they do? 10 pacer tests?!

All due to sprinting. All during practice. Luckily it's all 1-3 days, but they all miss the Everton match... I've been trying to get the board to give me more physio staff, but so far we're stuck at 4.

Game still suggests starting Ross because we have no better option. We're going to come out like this.

The match kicks off and, I think for the first time ever, the opposing team got a card before we did.

In fact, now they have 2.

Ross makes a diving save. Maybe he's fine.

Rosario picks up the ball at midfield and a fantastic throughball to Bonk sends him clear. And he puts it away at the 19th minute! 1-0!

Rosario again gets the ball 5 minutes later. he crosses the ball to Szczepanski who nudges the ball along to Kostyliev on the right hand side. He then passes it to Blatt who runs into the penalty area and the keeper goes the wrong way! 2-0!

The away fans are BUMPING.

Ross makes a great save on a strong header and holds it. He takes a second, punts one to Kostyliev who is waiting near the circle. The Ukrainian then hits the ball with the outside of his shoe to Rosario on the left wing. Rosario then dumps one off to Bonk who gets a little lucky with the bounce and puts it past the Everton keeper to make it 3-0 with 10 minutes to play in the first half!

Unfortunate, Kean gets the ball clear and Ross is unable to save the 1 on 1 shot. 3-1 at 41'.

Ross is then forced to make a very difficult save which is then put out for the throw to preserve the scoreline and the half ends soon after.

A beautiful free kick for Everton and Branthwaite gets his head on it. It pings off the cross bar and then we kick it out for a corner. Phew...

Rosario steals the ball at midfield and dribbles it the rest of the way and shoots one right at the chest of the keeper. But the keeper bumbles the save and Rosario pounces on it and puts it into the top of the net! 4-1! What a freaking match for Rosario today!

SAVAGE. Adrastos received the ball after a fantastic pass from Rosario. Adrastos then stopped inside the box, looked the keeper in the eyes, gave him some time to set up, and then smashed the shit out of the ball into the inside corner. 5-1 with 10 minutes left.

Stokes has a bit of a knock, so we take him off just to be safe.

We finish with just 2 yellow cards and none in the first hour!

We, um, take a few spots on the TOTW...

Next up, we host Bournemouth

After a half of kind of back and forth, we go in to the locker rooms 0-0.

I want to point out that we have no cards at this point. That is all. Oh, also, they have 2.

And now Ban Ki-Moon has one.

Twice in a row now in the dying moments, Ross has been called upon to make a 1v1 save, and twice in a row he's prevailed!

OH MY GOD. AND AT 90' Stokes puts in a beautiful corner and Bonk SMASHES it into the left corner to possibly steal the three points! THE CROWD GOES WILD.

Bournemouth pick up the pace now. A low strike from the right side goes across the face of the goal... and hits the post and goes out!

Messiah collects a rebound 2 minutes into added time and runs the length of the pitch and pings it off the post!

And The WhoaDogs have done it! What an incredible display of perseverance to see this one through!

Alright, that's it for this episode. Next episode is going to be a doozy... We have Man Utd at home, away at Chelsea, Liverpool at home, and then Leicester away...

I will leave you with some team stats and results.