Pantheon - A Superhero Tabletop Campaign by TuscanSota


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I'm putting out the announcement a bit early but I would like to announce my next game: Pantheon.

Unlike my previous two games, Be a Bison and Boat Simulator, I plan on running this as an actual campaign -- rather than something primarily off a discord server in an offhand format. Life has been crazy-busy, but I plan on creating a schedule on when I will run sessions.

  • Create a character in a Character Creator designed to be open-ended and flexible
  • Compete using a combat system emphasizing narrative and player momentum over health points. In a medium where the conflict between hero and villain swings like a pendulum, play in a game where the combat is designed to easily reflect the many epic battles on both the silver screen, the tv, and the pages.
  • Earn the support of various factions and build your reputation as one of the most influencing supers of the 2020s.
  • Roleplay alongside others to define the role of supers in everyday society.

For those interested in playing, please join the Discord server for where I will run the campaign: Link

The majority of the rules, specifically character creation and combat have been written and can be found here: Link
Information on the morality system will be fleshed out and added later.

Hope y'all are excited.

- Tuscan
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