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Commanders win Super Bowl I

The Washington Commanders secure the first Super Bowl Championship in NFL history with a 24-7 victory over the previously-undefeated Denver Broncos. In their 20th win of the season, Washington led the entire way and forced 4 turnovers (including 3 untimely Peter London INTs) to defeat the high-powered Broncos offense at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.

Alabama... National Champions

In a low scoring affair between SEC's Alabama and MAC's Western Michigan, it was the Crimson Tide that came out on top in the 2022 National Championship game, etching @thatfunk's name in the history books forever.

Need a team?

Firstly... welcome to the SimFBA! If you are new to the site, and need a team, make sure you head over to the new users section and view the available teams list. You will also be able to fill out your job application there! See you on the field, Coach!

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SimCFB Available Teams List

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Last updated: February 27, 2023






Big 12


Big Ten


Conference USA

  • 2307.vresize.36.36.medium.1.pngFIU GOLDEN PANTHERS
  • 215.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngLIBERTY FLAMES @GodMosses
  • 38.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngLOUISIANA TECH BULLDOGS
  • 152.vresize.36.36.medium.2.pngMIDDLE TENNESSEE BLUE RAIDERS
  • 41.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngNEW MEXICO STATE AGGIES
  • 95.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngUTEP MINERS
  • 224.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngWESTERN KENTUCKY HILLTOPPERS





  • 47.vresize.36.36.medium.2.pngAKRON ZIPS
  • 48.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngBALL STATE CARDINALS ( @npklemm )
  • 49.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngBOWLING GREEN FALCONS (@PoopyRhinoPickle)
  • 208.vresize.36.36.medium.2.pngBUFFALO BULLS
  • 50.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngCENTRAL MICHIGAN CHIPPEWAS @Time
  • 51.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngEASTERN MICHIGAN EAGLES
  • 52.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngKENT STATE GOLDEN FLASHES
  • 53.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngMIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS
  • 42.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngNORTHERN ILLINOIS HUSKIES
  • 54.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngOHIO BOBCATS @AFu01
  • 55.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngTOLEDO ROCKETS
  • 56.vresize.36.36.medium.2.pngWESTERN MICHIGAN BRONCOS ( @Jieret )


Mountain West



  • 57.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngARIZONA WILDCATS [uSER=300]@Parks&Rek[/uSER]
  • 58.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngARIZONA STATE SUN DEVILS ( @rvjruk )
  • 59.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngCALIFORNIA GOLDEN BEARS ( [uSER=19]@Believer[/uSER] )
  • 18.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngCOLORADO BUFFALOES ( @Bingo415 )
  • 60.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngOREGON DUCK
  • 61.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngOREGON STATE BEAVERS @SKLL
  • 63.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngSTANFORD CARDINAL ( @Ricky Campbell )
  • 64.vresize.36.36.medium.3.pngUCLA BRUINS ( @Jmjacobs )
  • 62.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngUSC TROJANS [uSER=17]@Bruno![/uSER]
  • 94.vresize.36.36.medium.3.pngUTAH UTES ( @SageBow )
  • 65.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngWASHINGTON HUSKIES @Red1K
  • 66.vresize.36.36.medium.2.pngWASHINGTON STATE COUGARS ( @TuscanSota )




Sun Belt

  • 171.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngAPPALACHIAN STATE MOUNTAINEERS
  • 37.vresize.36.36.medium.1.pngARKANSAS STATE RED WOLVES
  • 2316.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngCOASTAL CAROLINA CHANTICLEERS
  • 175.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngGEORGIA SOUTHERN EAGLES @Theorupturetan
  • 2558.vresize.36.36.medium.1.pngGEORGIA STATE PANTHERS
  • JAMES MADISON DUKES @Suffocation
  • 45.vresize.36.36.medium.2.pngLOUISIANA RAGIN' CAJUNS
  • 103.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngLOUISIANA-MONROE WARHAWKS
  • 176.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngMARSHALL THUNDERING HERD @DramaticBacon
  • 2371.vresize.36.36.medium.1.pngOLD DOMINION MONARCHS
  • 2549.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngSOUTH ALABAMA JAGUARS @Dunepit
  • 105.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngSOUTHERN MISS GOLDEN EAGLES
  • 185.vresize.36.36.medium.0.pngTEXAS STATE BOBCATS
  • 222.vresize.36.36.medium.1.pngTROY TROJANS @BaseScoutX1

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