Week 13 News from Around the League


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News From Around the League:

Montreal Ouis vs San Diego FDS

Due to the insane number of DFL games along the west coast, the San Diego FDS have offered to move their game to the 1:00PM Timeslot and play at 10:00am. Fans who arrive early to the stadium will be offered brunch and catered burritos from Lolita's Mexican Food
Edit: Based on new feedback from San Diego FDS owner, they actually going with Nicos because Lolita's is overrated.


Philadelphia Phatties vs Minnesota Snowbos
Perhaps the matchup of the year, the Philadelphia Phatties continue their miracle run and head to the Mall of America to face the Minnesota Snowbos. As for whether the parking lot will provide proper heating remains to be seen, as it's supposed to be a snowy game this week.
Both teams have opted on a bet that whoever throws the first pass must donate the equivalent of (1d6 x 10k) to a local charity in their respective hometowns. Both team owners have respectfully declined to comment, nor do they know about this because I totally made this up just now.

New Jersey Rollers vs Houston Candy Paint Slabs
After hearing wind of the bet between Philadelphia & Minnesota, the Rollers and Candy Paint Slabs have opted a different approach: Who can roll through Houston on the most ridiculous pair of wheels?


Houston miiiight be able to take the cake on this one, but who knows what New Jersey has rolled up their sleeves.

New York Dwarves vs Seattle Steelheads
In a surprising turn of events, Seattle has announced that they will be making upgrades to their stadium in the post season. Dubbed "The Aquarium", Seattle decided it was fitting to convert the green turn into translucent turf, and place a giant aquarium underneath the stadium. This aquarium will features its own living ecosystem fit with a revived and rejuvenated coral reef. The team has debated as to which fish will swim underneath the field, from blue surgeons and clownfish to the possibility of a revitalized megalodon. Anything to make the stadium more intimidating, you know?

What's going on this week for your team? Post something about your matchup or team here!
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