Week 12 Rivalry Matchups


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Good Ol' Fashioned Maple Fight
This is not the actual trophy, just the closest thing I can find on the internet

This is a rivalry as old as 2022. In the formative years of the Great Canadian Expansion, when the United States annexed the Canadian Provinces without opposition, a rivalry was formed when TWO teams in Canadia opted to join the DFL. Due to the passive-aggressive disdain between the Montreal Ouis and the Ontario Grey-Geese, the two opted to fight it out every year to determine which team was really Canada's Team. The prize? A 100 year old Canadian-Whiskey caramelized with Canadian Maple syrup from an ancient maple tree in Toronto. The owner takes a swig from this giant bottle upon earning victory over their fallen Canadian brethren, after apologizing for the beatdown. What does this Canadian whiskey taste like? We're not too sure, only the owners of the Canadian franchises now.

And in regards to Kelowna and Trailer Park, Kelowna was too busy writing songs and speaking Japanese to partake in a series. Trailer Park would join the next season and thus cannot be Canada's team.

The Declaration of Dice Bowl
What's more patriotic than a team from Washington DC going against a team from Philadelphia? Well.... maybe the 4th of July. Regardless, the Philadelphia Phatties and Washington Sentinels owe it to their patriotic duty to seize control of the Declaration of Independence through the means of a game of DFL. Yes, the rivalry trophy is the Declaration of Independence. Both franchises work with the state to transport said document between two cities; though there is some criticism that the document portrayed at games is not the real document itself but is instead a copy. Fans can only glimpse this national treasure, along with the Liberty Bell at said games.

The Battle for Staten Island
This rivalry is simply a reminder for New York to act like the older brother and put New Jersey in its place. Will New Jersey finally beat New York this time? Only time will tell. It appears they are still rebuilding.

Mile High Club

Sex, Drugs and Rock N' Roll. And gambling. These are the things that run the city of Vegas. Denver on the other hand appears to run on drugs. and Hockey. What happens when these two teams come face-to-face with one another? No one's entirely sure. This series is specifically not broadcasted for whatever reason, only providing the results at the game's end. We can only imagine what happens in the DFL game that is the Mile High Club.​