University of Kansas Introduces Inaugural Program


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Tens of thousands gathered at Allen Fieldhouse in anticipation, crudely made posters in hand and crimson and blue paint smeared across faces of attendees young and old. Even more spectators crammed Naismith Drive outside, excited to be a part of history.

"We knew there was a big push for it, but we didn't know it would drive these kinds of numbers at our program kickoff," Chancellor Jason Hawk said of the sold out Phog.

In past years, like many other higher education institutions around the country, KU had led exploratory research to see if such a feat was possible, and under the guidance of Chancellor Hawk, they pulled off the largest kick off of such a program to date on Saturday night.

"We're the first in the Big 12 to announce such a program," Hawk announced to the crowd of over 16,000 packed into the arena. "And something tells me we'll be leading the conference, and competing on a national scale, for generations to come," he remarked, winking at a young mom in the front row, holding her KU-clad infant.

The lights turned off, the crowd grew quiet. Mouths remained open, agape in the awe and wonder of the presentation that followed. Blue and red light beams flashed across the darkness of the arena, fog machines working hard as Baby Jay and the KU Dance team took center court. A remix of Kodak Black and Lil Wayne's "Codeine Dreaming" blasted over the loudspeakers, and after a short routine by the Dance team, a countdown from 10 was flashed onto the hardwood below as the track reached an instrumental climax. Rowdy fans shouted the descending numbers louder and louder as each had their second of limelight. Finally, the moment came. "2... 1..."

Descending from the rafters above, a banner unfurled.


The crowd erupted in raucous applause and cheering.

Also there will be a new football program kicking off this fall, coached by llamas.

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