The Last Kings: The Greywolf Crusades -- Announcement


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I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read this. Most of you probably know me from CFBHC -- an avid community of sports enthusiasts; for those unfamiliar, I recently left the community to pursue my own interests. Some of you were upset, which I understand. I never really explained as to why I chose to leave in the first place.
This is also my final post where I will mention this here.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been working on something else. It started with an idea I had. A game I believe could be engaging, challenging, rewarding; and for me personally, a story worth telling.

To tell you the truth, it’s not a sports simulation. What I’m revealing today is the first chapter of this narrative saga.

I call it, The Last Kings: The Greywolf Crusades

What is the game?

The Greywolf Crusades is a roleplaying game with strategy and dungeon running in mind. Players will be able to create a character, strategize and equip their player however they want, and partake in dungeon runs (missions) with other players.

How is the game played?

The missions are designed to be performed in a simulated fashion through a program I’m making called AutoDungeon. Players will group up into one or more parties, and traverse through the mission area taking on various enemies, looting rooms, and completing mission objectives. Players will be able to read a log showing the results of the mission -- the rooms they’ve traversed, engagements with enemy units, and the obstacles they face. It is designed to run entirely through Discord and is accessible through its web application, a web browser, and a mobile application.

Where does the game take place?
The Last Kings takes place in a world much familiar to our own, in an industrial golden age where republics are rising, while kings fade into history. It is a story about a struggle for power in the midst of a global conflict.

The Greywolf Crusades is the first chapter, the prequel to this conflict. The game takes place on the Continent of Reges-- a land with a rich history of kings, war, and the endless struggle for power. You, as a player, will be enlisted to work for one of the wealthiest tycoons in Reges, Jorgen Konderstall, as he seeks personal vengeance and to capitalize on the railroad industry in Reges. Players will embark on missions across the continent, traveling through towns, cities, and landmarks throughout its many nations. Nations such as the Walderlund -- a nation built of smaller states within the largest forest in the continent; the New Gol Republic, a coastal nation famous as the first republic on the continent; Halvania, a kingdom divided between its king and a budding congress; and Nordank; a northern kingdom teeming with revolution and revolts. These are only a few of the nations that players will explore.

How can I customize my character?

I can go into much detail on that yet, but players will be able to create a character that originates from one of the nations of Reges, and nations outside of Reges. Players will have (at the moment) five classes to chose from and equip various weapons ranging from swords, pistols, rifles, shotguns, fisticuffs, and more. Players will also have access to over fifteen different proficiencies related to their weapons of choice, the armor they can wear, actions they can make, and even proficiency with languages. Certain proficiencies will be boosted based on the class the player chooses, but players are given the freedom to choose which proficiencies they wish to upgrade and specialize in.

How will the game be managed?

I am designing a discord bot to manage all the groundwork with managing the game. This discord bot will manage player and mission data. It will also be used for player interaction from preparations for missions to activities outside of missions. Players can use commands to keep track of player information, statistics, shop, training, side missions, and interacting with the world. The DiscordBot being the outlet players will use to interact with the world, while AutoDungeon is the outlet players will engage in missions and combat.

When is the Start Date?

This is a project I’ve been slowly building over time and one I am very passionate and excited about. Based on my current schedule, I am estimating to start the earliest being Memorial Day Weekend, latest the end of June.

Is there a player limit? What if I don’t want to be as active?

I am designing the missions to be scalable regardless of player count. The missions will allow all players to engage and participate while remaining challenging and true to the narrative. One of the reasons I am making this announcement now is to get an estimate on how many players I am expecting to participate. In order to participate in missions, players will be required to “ready up”. Not participating in missions will not force players in missing out on the narrative or in progression.

Okay, I’m interested. How can I join?
I’m glad you asked! Click this link to join the Discord server and participate in the Greywolf Crusades!