SFA Score League™ Weeks 15-16 Results and Playoff Point Submission


Big Ten
  • Two-Time Playoff Participant
  • DFL Division Winner
Hello everyone. Sorry for the hiatus. I had some issues with family members needing hospitalization and that set off a cascade of events that resulted in this thing getting put on the back burner for a while. However, It is not dead yet. I have finally run the games from your submissions, and the season is complete! Some real upsets and teams that seemed to be in excellent position for the playoffs not making it, and another team sneaking in. Check it out!


Playoff Picture:

Congratulations to Sub, Pumph, brightfalls, and Tuscan! The points you see above were awarded to you based on your regular season performance. You each received 3 points for a win, and 1 point for a tie. You must submit your points for BOTH playoff weeks and I will evaluate both weeks together like a normal submission period. Please get your points in as soon as possible.

On another note, as most of you probably know, I have made a more "footbally" kind of game over at the Dice Football League part of the forum. It is based on a pen and paper game that uses dice. I have taken these rules and adapted them. I think this game will be much more rewarding and scratch the football itch better than this game. I will still run this game for more seasons if people want, but I think my main focus should be there and continuing development of the sim. Just let me know what you guys want. Anyway, I highly recommend you guys check it out. It is slightly more involved in that you must have a valid game plan every week, but it is acceptable to submit your gameplan at the beginning of the year and then not change it. So time commitment is minimal.