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Hi everyone,

It's become apparent to everyone that there have been issues with unnecessary and completely irresponsible behavior regarding this site and using this site's name.

I want to be absolutely clear to everyone that this sort of behavior is neither encouraged nor welcome on SimFBA.

We are here to create a fun and engaging community, not one that is at odds with other communities. Never have we claimed to be a replacement for any other website or game. Simply put, this site is here because we want to offer another option in a fantastic world of sports simulation games. I've been a part of many different communities, and I hope that everyone here has the opportunities to do the same as well.

I would like to once again point out our "Mission Statement" and our "About Us" as I think some of us need a refresher on this.

SimFBA Mission Statement
SimFBA is an in-depth football simulation site that seeks to create a unique and challenging football community dedicated to building the site and a tight community. We distinguish ourselves by being a community that is committed to full transparency of both the simulation itself and community decisions that will take place.

“Treat each other like you would in real life; don’t hide behind a keyboard”


About Us
SimFBA is a community of people who enjoy football enough to participate in a simulation of it where they are the coach, GM, owner, and/or scout. SimFBA uses a community-built simulation engine called NewSim. All of the Admins and Staff members on this site have directly contributed to the assembly and management of the forum, development of the interface, and from-the-ground-up coding of the simulation engine itself. Currently, the site is in BETA and the simulation is NOT complete. We are, however, working on it nearly every day to bring the best possible simulation to the community. Considering this status, we would appreciate any and all patience, feedback, suggestions, and criticisms that the community could provide us.
You can find the full text here.

In closing, I'm very disappointed. Not just in whichever users have been utilizing the SimFBA name as a means for nefarious reasons or in any toxic discussions or environments that have been created as a result, but in my failure to ensure that this sort of situation would not occur. For that, I will take full responsibility and you can rest assured knowing that I will now allow this to happen again.

I'm not asking anyone to come forward. I'm not asking for anyone to apologize for their behaviors. I'm not going to rehash what has transpired.

All I'm going to implore is for everyone to do better.
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