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PT. 1: Attributes to Know
  • Carrying
  • Agility
  • Catching
  • Man Coverage
  • Zone Coverage
  • Football IQ
  • Kicking Accuracy
  • Kicking Power
  • Pass Block
  • Pass Rush
  • Punt Accuracy
  • Punt Power
  • Route Running
  • Run Block
  • Run Defense
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Tackle
  • Throw Power
  • Throw Accuracy
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Injury (Hidden)
  • Stamina
  • Discipline (Hidden)
This is the list of player attributes currently in the simulation. The ones that need the most explanation, however, are Stamina and Football IQ. Stamina is an attribute that determines a player’s skill relative to fatigue, and the more stamina they lose (on a scale from 20-0, with 20 being the highest), the more their skill drains. After it reaches zero, the player will need to be taken out from the game. Football IQ is determinant of a player’s intelligence on the field, and determines whether or not players are able to identify the ‘correct’ read on a given play and follow up on it. A running back with a low Football IQ will try to run into the line like Trent Richardson, while a high IQ back would identify the hole and hit it. Some positions, like Quarterback, rely on Football IQ more than others when their overall is determined.

PT. 2: Progression

The following document was used to help develop progression numbers for players:

Progression - or regression, as the case may be, is the system that determines a player’s growth across their career. Players are almost guaranteed to grow across their college career, and can progress via good play or accolades / team performance. After they reach a certain age in their careers, they will be fighting against regression, or the degradation of their skills.

PT. 3: Gameplans and Playbooks

Gameplans will be accessible to each user through the site’s interface, and will provide users depth and flexibility in crafting a competitive and thought - out plan for every game in both the collegiate and professional levels. Gameplans are derived from playbooks, which are lists of offensive or defensive plays designed around a core scheme or formula. Each playbook will have a ‘base’ gameplan that is designed to be balanced and accessible for the new user, but that a more experienced / football knowledgeable member would be able to out - scheme.

Each gameplan will have certain ‘sets’, which are contextual game situations that have different playcalls associated with them. For example, the Second and Short ‘set’ will mostly consist of inside runs meant to gain only the few yards necessary, while a Third and Long set will contain more passes designed to stretch the field. Users will be able to choose which plays are in each set, as well as weight which plays are called more often. Another feature of this system is that all playbooks, with all of their plays diagrammed and explained, are available to everyone, so that users can discuss playbooks together.
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