Dev Diary March 2020 Update

What should I focus on? (read below before answering)

  • Gods. Demons. Heroes.

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  • Vaporwave / Cyberpunk Western Pulp Fiction

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  • World War Epic

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  • Space treasure hunters

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  • Finish making the rules for Be A Bison the tabletop game

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Hey guys,

We meant to put this out earlier, but there are a few things going on behind the scenes. My job right now is to bring you guys up to speed. I'm also using this as a sort of dev blog of sorts to let you know of my intentions and so forth.

Is the sim still being built?
Yes. There are two developers currently working on this: me, and Rocketcan. Rocket is busy with school and work, so it's mostly me doing what I can to finish up the interface so that I can transition to the game algorithm.

What's taking so long?
Thank you for being patient during this time. I've been doing a bit of learning behind the scenes. While I have a template up here, I'm making an effort to make sure that the interface remains efficient, secure, and easy to develop. The tech that I'm learning is what I'm hoping will make that possible. I'm focusing to make sure that we build the best interface possible, without cutting any corners. In terms of deadlines, we're still on task.

For those who didn't know, I was juggling three things: work, a job hunt, and this project. And the good news is, I accomplished one of those three things. No, I'm not leaving the project, and no, I didn't lose my job -- well, actually, I found a new job. So all in all, that means I can prioritize two things: 1) New Job, and 2) SimFBA.

And honestly, I'm a little relieved. I don't have to shift and refocus on so many different things all at once.

How Can I Help?
Most of the work that we have at the moment is focused around building the website and building the game algorithm. This doesn't require heavy math, but rather more of a focus on logic and coding. The work we're doing is the type of work that is not limited to just this site -- you can take the experiences from building this project and apply to your own, and even place them on your own resume/portfolio. I don't expect anyone we're bringing in to know how to build the website from the ground-up and shoot it into space; but rather if you are genuinely interested in learning how to build a website and code, and are willing to invest the time in learning, this might be the project for you.

If this sounds like you, please message me. I'll send you a few tutorials, and some of the technologies we're using, and how you can learn them too.

What's After This?
This is the section of the dev blog which is more blog than it is dev. As I've mentioned above, I've ended my job search and will be focusing more on the development of simFBA. Once we have the project in a comfortable state for Beta testing, the team and I will put together a roadmap of the features that we want to implement into the site later on.

After the official development of simFBA, I'm not sure. For those who know me from CFBHC, I am very passionate about storytelling and games in general. I finished a writing competition 3 1/2 years ago (over 200 pages of an unfinished draft!), and even made an Oregon-trail clone about being a bison.

I'm looking to get back into that. I have a few ideas swirling in my head. Each idea I believe is unique in its own way.

If you want to help me decide, hit up the poll.

Anyhow, I need to head out. WIll edit later. peace.


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Two things:

1: Congratulations on the new job man!

2: I will graduate from school in May (hopefully), and I will be able to pick up NewSim development again in earnest then.