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  1. Go to
  2. Create an account (optional)
  3. Claim a team (Add something in your signature, perhaps)
  4. Download the latest file in the League Files thread (
  5. On Basketball GM, hit Create new league
  6. Under the Customize dropdown, select Upload League File
  7. Upload the .json file you downloaded in step 4
  8. Press Create New League at the bottom
  9. You can now see the league and choose what you want to do from there.
  10. Perform actions by posting in the appropriate subforum
    1. Roster changes (
    2. Extensions and Re-signings (
    3. Free agency moves (
  11. Remember that nothing you do in that file will affect the master file I have.
  12. Set your Scouting budget to 0. It has no use for us as we all see the exact ratings.
  13. Basketball GM Manual -
  14. Another helpful link -
  15. To take a screenshot, navigate to the page you want, scroll down to and click on Screenshot in the bottom left corner. You should then see a link to your screenshot in the bottom right corner.
Things you can do as a GM:
  • Team management
    • Trade/release players and add to your trading block
    • Negotiate with and sign players from free agency
    • Adjust your roster
    • Set playing time
  • Finances
    • Adjust ticket prices
    • Adjust Coaching, Health, and Facilities expenses
  • Scouting
    • Add players to your watch list
Free Agency tiebreak:
  1. Best offer (longest contract)
  2. Free agency pitch
  3. Position need (number of other players in that position)
  4. Mood towards your team (green > white > yellow > red)
  5. High roll (1D20)
Trade guidelines:

  1. Discuss with the other GM in private (or in public if you wish)​
  2. Post it in the Trades subforum ( and have other user confirm​
  3. AI can trade with AI, users can trade with users, but users cannot trade with AI​

Off season contract rules:

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