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Welcome Canada into the DFL viewership! Canada brings with it a total of 11 new markets (3 major, 8 minor).
  • Major
    • BC: British Columbia
    • ON: Ontario
    • QU: Quebec
  • Minor
    • AB: Alberta
    • MB: Manitoba
    • NB: New Brunswick
    • NL: Newfoundland and Labrador
    • NS: Nova Scotia
    • NT: Northern Territories
    • PE: Prince Edward Island
    • SK: Saskatchewan
These markets will be available to expand into starting AFTER the 2021 season. The same adjacency rules apply. AK (Alaska) is considered adjacent to BC (British Columbia) and NT (Northern Territories). BC is adjacent to SEA (Seattle), WA (Washington), and MT (Montana). AB (Alberta) is adjacent to MT. SK (Saskatchewan) is adjacent to MT and DAK (Dakota). MB (Manitoba) is adjacent to DAK. ON (Ontario) is adjacent to MIN, SUP (Superior), DET (Detroit), OH (Ohio), CLE (Cleveland), PIT (Pittsburgh), and BUF (Buffalo). QU (Quebec) is adjacent to SYR (Syracuse), and NE (New England). NB (New Brunswick) and NS (Nova Scotia) are both adjacent to NE.

Canadian based teams: Starting in 2021, new teams joining the league can choose any of the Canadian markets to be their home market. Any existing team may apply to relocate to a Canadian market. Relocation to Canada must happen during the offseason following 2021. Once Free Agency begins for 2022, NO MORE RELOCATIONS WILL BE ALLOWED. Relocations will only be allowed AFTER the next 4 teams join the league (Bringing the League to 24 teams). Relocating teams FORFEIT ALL MARKETS IN THE US.

Please respond with any questions you may have or ping me on the discord server.
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