Dev Diary #7 - APIs and Data


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Hey everyone,

TuscanSota here with tonight's dev diary. RocketCan has been working very hard on the simulation aspect of the SimFBA, and we promise that he will provide you with new details soon. I will be providing you with an update on the latest changes to the interface in the meantime.

First and foremost, I don't think this has been done yet but I want to welcome @gheavy to the SimFBA team. GHeavy is a friend of mine who's very adept when it comes to web development. As part of the dev team for SimFBA, GHeavy is in charge of the server-side of the Interface application.

With that said, we both have been making a few changes to the interface behind the scenes. In the previous dev diaries, the team provided you with screenshots depicting the roster page & depth chart page, along with a team & profile page.

Everything is still pre-existing; but the data being displayed on those pages was hard-coded for visual purposes. No database or data-source was involved. Over the past couple of weeks we've made efforts designing and implementing the server that will hold all data related to SimFBA. Everything from coaches, teams, players, and gameplan will be stored in the DB so that you can manage your team and strategize how you want your team to perform.

With that said, here is a current screenshot of the current roster page:

The data appears different from before, yes. The kicker is: all of this data is stored in the database. Here:

This is another step towards being able to store live data within the interface. While some fixes still need to be made on the Roster UI, the fixes will be done by this Friday. Our next step will be to remodel and revamp the depth chart page to be more legible and easier to use.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this and are excited about the progress made so far. Rocket will provide more details on the sim-side tomorrow, so stay tuned!