Dev Diary #60 | Interface Update: Redshirting


Interface Dev
Hey everyone,

Here's the log for today's update:
- Enabled redshirting on the interface
- Fixed mysterious bug where landing page would crash on booting up.


During week 0, teams will now able to redshirt up to 15 players on their roster for the current season. There have been changes made to the Roster page to allow this functionality.


The column "Redshirt Status" has now replaced the "School" column to remove redundancy from the roster page. There are three statuses for the column:
- A red checkmark signifies that the player is currently redshirting for the 2022 season. They cannot play in any game and cannot be on a depth chart.
- A green plus sign signifies that a user is able to be redshirted.
- A label known as "Active Player" will instead display for any player that has previously been redshirted.

When clicking the plus icon, a modal will appear with a warning.

If the user clicks yes, the player is given a redshirt. The redshirt for this player cannot be lifted at any point during the season.

If a player given a redshirt is existing on the team's depth chart, the user must go to the depth chart page and change their depth chart immediately.

When navigating to the depth chart, you will find a new error message if you have a redshirting player on your depth chart. The message will give you the name of the player, which position on the depth chart they are residing.

Once the player has been removed from their depth chart position, you will be able to save your depth chart. It should also be noted that players that have been redshirted will not appear in any of the player dropdowns on the depth chart page. They are still on your team, they are just not selectable for the depth chart.


On not updating your depth chart
As with the warning above, the admin team will know if you have any redshirting players on your depth chart. There's plenty of time ahead before the start of the season; so when assigning redshirts, please update your depth chart afterwards. We will reach out cordially to any team if we find any discrepancies on a team's DC.



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