Dev Diary #5 - Sorry for the radio silence


Website Admin
Big Ten
Hey guys, it's been a pretty busy period of time for everyone, especially with the holidays and people finishing up degrees/classes. We've hit a bit of a speed bump because some main guys developing the sim are in school and will finish their degrees in May, so for the time being, they have to shuffle around their priorities.

Worry not, we do still have some guys working on this, progress is just a bit slower than expected. Of course, a lot of you are participating in the Dice Football League. I'm having a blast and I love seeing the funny bits of media as part of it, so please keep up with it and have fun!

I do have a few things from the interface to show you guys, so take a look here!



You can see the beginnings of a depth chart here. We have two QBs, Aaron Kotar and Marquise Mariota, and we can use the drop downs to move them around from QB1 and QB2. In the future, we hope to be able to show this visually with a bit of play art. Kind of like what you might find in your favorite wildly popular football video game.


We've added information into the team pages! Now you can see some stats about your team, historical information, etc.

Again, I just want to apologize with the lack of information over the last few months, but we are still plugging away! If anyone is interested in helping develop, please reach out!

Catch you all in the next one.