[2021] Miami Heat not to change stadium name


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After many rumors about the future of the AmericanAirlines Arena name we finally got a statement by the new owner of the team Kgreene829. "We are not going to be changing the name of the stadium. This decision was made because we feel that the AmericanAirlines Arena has been a part of South Florida for such a long time that changing the name would be doing a disservice to our fans and community. We think that a name change would not be received well and would make a lot of fans mad and dissatisfied with the direction of the organization."

This comes during a time of many name changes. The recent pandemic has seen sports teams and networks trying to make more money and doing this by moving to another company that is willing to pay more money. Kgreene829 goes on to say that he will not be following the trend and would love to see other name changes being reject as well. Kgreene829 specifically called out for the reinstatement of Fox Sports and Marlins Park. "I feel even though we need to make up for lost revenue this is not the way to do it. Changing names feels like you are starting over and forgetting the history. I would love to see other teams follow suit."

Kgreene829 then goes on to talk about how the Miami Heat plan to make up for lost revenue. "I feel like the best way to move forward and make up lost profit would be to set up more advertisements. We are working hard to put them in a non invading way. We don't want your screen to be flooded with ads during the game but we might make certain parts of the show sponsored. Deals for our clothing shop will still be Crazy Andy but it may be sponsored by a company. We plan to reach out to multiple companies that we feel will be ok with our vision for new ad placement and we will try to be open with this process moving forward."


The Miami Heat plan to be open with any new changes coming to your favorite team so stay posted South Florida.

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