[2020] - UC Irvine Anteaters we suggest you keep your ant farms far away from


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Big Ten
As the start of the season inches closer and closer, there's a ton of hype surrounding this talented Anteaters team. Today, we'll highlight a few Anteaters that we suggest you keep your ant farms far away from.



F Thomas Goodman 6-6 Sr [New Hampshire****]

A player like Thomas Goodman does appear very often. This senior forward can flat out ball. He boasts an incredibly stout defense, and is of the top rebounders in the country. But he contributes on all sides of the ball. Goodman can hit shots from anywhere on the court and he's not afraid of showing that off. There's a reason he's on the pre-season all-conference team.


F Larry Reed 6-5 Jr [Kansas**]

Underrated as a recruit, Lary Reed has emerged as a leader on the court. The Kansas-native has a silky smooth touch inside the paint, but shoots lights out from around the court. Look to him to lead the Anteaters in offensive production this year.


G Rich Velasquez 6-4 Sr [North Carolina***]

Velasquez is able to use his top-notch handling and speed to slice through defenses. He's one of the best players on UC Irvine and will slice and dice through all sorts of defenses. Not only that, but look to him to get 4-5 rebounds a game, too.


Honorable Mention


G James Taylor 5-10 Fr [New Jersey***]

A true freshman, James Taylor has a ton of upside going for him. He is filled to the brim with raw talent. In practices, he has regularly won 3pt shooting contests. While he may not start this season, look to him to make an incredible impact off the bench. If the shots fall for him, we may see him play a sixth man of the year type of season.